So this morning at 4:15AM I was really excited about the dead mouse I found. I really really really wanted to take it and show My Margret. But she said ” leave it”.

I looked at her because I knew I hadn’t heard her right and took a few steps closer and then she said it again. I dropped the mouse then picked it back up and she said it yet again. But, but, but are you sure I asked her. She said yes, I’m sure, leave it.

I sighed and dropped the mouse then walked with My Margret to the door of our pup porch where she ruffled my fur and told me I was a very good girl. A few minutes later I came back in and ran right to where I had dropped the mouse so I could try to give it to her again and it was gone! I’m so confused.

~this is Bessie the “but, but, but” Pup for the pups and kitties.

The Snuggle Pup

My Margret says she’s been “crazy busy” for the past few weeks. I didn’t know what that was then Belle Pup told me that it means My Margret has a lot of things to do, more than usual. All I know is that I haven’t gotten her to sit down very much so I could sit with her. Well I decided that was going to change this morning!

I woke her up at 4:10am this morning. After I did my usual first thing in the morning check of our outside I laid my head on the loveseat and gave her my I want something look.

She smiled and said show me sweet pup. And I grabbed a stuffie and came to stand by her. She put her coffee cup down on the table, sat down and hadn’t even gotten the blanket settled before I jumped up to snuggle in close.

Now this is more like it! Hmmm maybe I’ll wake her up early tomorrow too.

~this is Bessie “the snuggle” Pup for the Pups and Kitties

The Red Blanket Medicine

A few days ago I did something to my front leg. As you know I’m the bouncy one in the family but whatever I did took the bounce right out of me.

I didn’t want to go up and down stairs. I didn’t want to jump up on the comfy furniture. What was even worse when I tried to roughhouse with my sisters I whimpered because it hurt.

My Margret decided that I needed to stay in the house so I could rest and get feeling better. She put a special comfy red blanket on the floor for me to snuggle in. My Greg would carry it up to bed at night and My Margret would take it back downstairs for me in the morning.

My Margret also called our vet who suggested along with resting to give me aspirin for the inflammation and Sue, suggested ways to massage my leg.

While I’m sure all of those things have helped me to start feeling better I really think it was my red blanket.

~ this is Bess “the red blanket is good medicine” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Being Me

So today Bonnie and I went to go see Dr. Boles for our yearly check up. We both got a bunch of lovin and “pretty girls with beautiful brown eyes” comments from Dr Boles.

Bonnie went first and she got an A+.

I went next and I did not get an A+ it was more like a B. Thanks to my allergies I had an ear infection in both ears, a hot spot on my paw and in between my toes. I also had a small fatty tumor in my arm pit on my front leg that My Margret found while giving me my massage last night. The fatty tumor has nothing to do with allergies it’s just a part of being me.

Then because My Margret noticed that I’ve been moving a bit slower than I had been ( I wish she didn’t see so much) I have a new medicine that we are trying for a few weeks in addition to my other two medicines for my arthritis.

My Margret asked what Dr. Boles thought about canine massage therapy and told her that I’ve been getting massages for the past couple of months. She was all about it and said that she’s been reading about how much it’s helped dogs and cats with their rehabilitation. She said that while it won’t cure my arthritis that in time we might be able to cut back on some of my medicine.

So to recap I get my paw sprayed with medicine a few times a day that my sisters and I can’t lick off. Although I assure you we will try. A piece of hot dog twice a day and a bit of cheese in the morning along with daily massages. So while I wish I had gotten an A+ like Bonnie did I’m fine with the B because that stands for Being Me

~this is Belle “the being me” Pup for the pups and kitties.

PS from Belle’s My Margret: I debated not blogging about the latest in the world of Belle because it’s a lot that’s negative but it’s our reality and it can all be taken care of. I was happy that our vet understands the importance of massage therapy. And included it as a part of Belle’s treatment plan for her arthritis. 🐾

I Shouldn’t Have Done It…Sigh

So I um maybe um might of well…

I wasn’t a good Bessie girl. SIGH…

The Pups and Kitties sent Mrs. Grandma Nancy, one of our blog stories in a letter and our My Margret mailed it for us. We wanted to give Mrs. Grandma Nancy something to chuckle about so she would feel better.

We sometimes send our stories to people who aren’t feeling good or are going though a tough time. If they enjoy them we send one story each week. If they don’t enjoy them we stop right away.

Anyway today a letter came in the mail addressed to the Pups and Kitties, that’s US! It was from Mrs Grandma Nancy’s kitty Patches and I was so excited that I took it off of the middle of the table and that’s when it happened.

My Greg wasn’t very happy with me. He gave the parts that were left to My Margret and she was able to put it kinda back together. Turns out I only ate a little bit of it. Patches Kitty told us about how he and his brother take care good care of Mrs. Grandma Nancy and how their job is to purr and keep her company. That sure sounds like an important job to me! It was fun reading all about them. I hope Patches writes us back someday.

I told My Greg and My Margret how sorry I was for tearing up the letter and they forgave me. I’m going to tell Mrs. Grandma Nancy and Patches Kitty that I’m sorry, I hope they forgive me too.

I was so tired after all of that that I sprawled across My Margret’s lap and ended up taking a nap.

~ this is Bessie “the I shouldn’t have done it but I was so excited, ok and it tasted good too” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Watcher Pup

It’s a known fact that when it’s windy and dark the Imaginary Watchamacallits come out. It’s been really really REALLY windy the past few days. The days are getting shorter so there is a lot more dark now too.

My Sisters and I have been in and out, out and in, and back out again making laps around our pup pen keeping an eye out so we can chase away the Imaginary Whatchmacallits right when they first show up.

Even though all those laps are enough to wear a pup out I couldn’t relax because I didn’t want to miss anything. My Margret started massaging my shoulder and next thing I knew I was sprawled out sound asleep, really really sound asleep.

The next morning I was still so relaxed that I decided to take an early morning nap.

It was a good thing I did because it rained that day and the only thing Imaginary Whatchamacallits like more than wind and dark is yep you guessed it rain! Looks like my Sisters and I have our work cut out for us. ~ this is Bessie “The Watcher” Pup for the Pups and Kitties

🎶🎶🎶 Splish Splash 🎶🎶🎶

🎶🎶🎶 Splish splash I was given a bath on a Sunday night. Rub a dub just sittin in the tub getting my itchies all gone. 🎶🎶🎶

My Margret sang that song to me as she was giving me a bath. She’s so silly sometimes. I’ve been licking one of my paws and it started getting red so she thought maybe bath would help get rid of whatever it is that makes me itch.

I didn’t want to take a bath, in fact I asked My Greg if I really had to take one. I did and you know what once I got in the bath water it felt so good that I sat down and didn’t try to get out until My Margret said it was time.

The best part..,My sisters might be a bit jealous because they didn’t get to take a bath.

Oh I almost forgot, we got to try something new today My Margret called them blueberries. They were really really good. You should try some!

~this is Belle “the Splish Splash” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.