My Sister the Snitch!

My Sister Pup Belle is a snitch!

So what if I like to hide beneath this table so the family won’t see me at bedtime and then I can sleep upstairs with them. I mean who wants to watch over the house for them at night anyway!

So what if I didn’t answer yesterday when My Margret came home from work and called me a million billion trillion times and was worried.

Is that any reason why Belle Pup without being asked ran up the stairs to the landing and poked her head under the tablecloth then ran back down the stairs to My Margret looked at her. Then ran back up the stairs and did it again so My Margret would follow her!

So what if My Margret lifted the table cloth and when she saw me said “Linus! I was worried why didn’t you come when I called you?” (The dog part of me does do that.)

Then she was all over Belle telling her over and over again that she was such a good girl to find me. She was excited that Belle understood that I was lost and My Margret was worried. Buh humbug I wasn’t lost! I knew right where I was and Belle shouldn’t have told her!

~this is Linus “the my sister pup is a snitch” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties

My Own Cheese Now

I saw Dr. Bols today and guess what! I get my own cheese now like Belle does. Dr. B thinks I have some arthritis in my lower spine which is causing me to plop down all of a sudden and have trouble climbing up the stairs, up on the couch things like that. So I get my own cheese for the next few weeks and if I don’t feel better then the next step is to check my spinal discs whatever they are. It doesn’t matter because I get cheese!!!!

~this is Bonnie “the I get my own cheese now” Pup for the pups and kitties.

More Please

So awhile ago My Margret got something new for us. 

They are called LickiMats and we really liked them.

Bonnie Pup supervised the spreading of the peanut butter then we got to try them out. (Make sure that your volume is turned up) My Margret said the living room was alive with the sound of slurping.

As you can see we really like them.

In fact long after my sisters were done with theirs I was making sure not even a small bit was left.

Can I have more?

~ this is Bessie Pup “the more please” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Us Time

My Margret told me today that she and I were going to have daily “us time” and it started today.

She told me that because I’m a couch potato I’ve lost my tummy tuck and we need to find it again so we are going to go on “us time” walks!

I will admit that I like laying on the couch but I’m certainly not a potato!

Anyway she put on my harness and off we went on our walk.

After awhile I decided that I wanted to go back in the house so I took her right up the steps and waited for her to open the door.

After we went in My Margret took my harness off, ruffled my ears and then she headed back outside. I decided that I wanted to go back out and trotted right along behind her. My Margret laughed and went to get my harness again and off we went …again.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s walk!

~this is Bonnie “the us time” Pup for the pups and kitties

Friends To See

My Margret just doesn’t understand.

Every morning I have friends that I check in with, you know to see how they’re doing.

My bird friends wake up a little before 5:00am and I need to go out and see them before our day gets busy.

I still haven’t figured out how to open doors and need someone to open them for me. That’s where My Margret comes in.

When my friends tell me they’re awake I go and sit on My Margret and lick her face to wake her up.

She usually tells me “Bess it’s still night night time” and pulls the covers over her head.

So then I have to go to plan B which is to stand at the top of the stairs, gaze off at the hallway wall and bark….loudly….insistently to let my friends know that I’m on my out to see them….as soon as I can get My Margret to get out of bed.

~ this is Bess ” the I’ve got friends to see” Pup for the pups and kitties.

The Storm Progress Let’em Knower Pup

I have an important job that I bet you didn’t know about. I’m the “storm progress let’em knower”.

First I tell My Margret and Linus Kitty ( he thinks he has to know everything.) that there is a storm coming.

Next I lay in a straight line and even tell my tail to hold still to tell them that the storm is here.

Then when the storm is starting to go away I tilt my head just a little. Oh and my tail starts to fluff just a bit.

Finally when the storm is over I lay over on my side. Notice my tail is back to its fluffy self.

My Margret says I’m amazing, when she checks the storm progress on the weather thingy on her phone she says I’m always right.

If I’m always right I don’t know why she needs that when she has me. Hmmm, I’ll have to ask her about that.

~ this is Bessie “the storm progress let’em knower” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Still the Bouncy One

Today Linus Kitty and I went to see Dr. Boles for our “how are you doing” visit.

Linus found out that his rumbly purr works really well and with all of his fluffiness he only weighs 11 lbs. Oh and his tail looks a lot like ours. Dr. Boles thinks he might just be part golden retriever! He didn’t like the ride though and made sure we all knew it. I didn’t much like it either and kept wanting to help My Greg drive. Finally I went and sat by My Margret because she looked lonely. She petted me.When it was my turn to see Dr. Boles I tried very hard to convince My Margret and My Greg that it was time to go home. I was so busy trying to open the exam room door that I almost didn’t see Dr. Boles offer me a treat for being a good girl. It sure was yummy! While she was making sure all my parts worked I offered to let her rub my tummy lots of times and she did. The big news: cutting back on all those extra treats over the past few months worked and I now weigh less than my sisters! My Margret says that although I’m no longer the biggest girly pup I’m still the bounciest!

~ this is Bessie ” still the bouncy one” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Not Enough Cheese

My sister Belle gets cheese every morning. My Margret says Belle’s “move better” pill is in the cheese, I don’t know about that I just know she gets CHEESE.

Bess and I decided we need cheese every morning too. As soon as we hear that cheese wrapper crinkle we are right there standing as close to Belle as we can. That way My Margret doesn’t forget about us.

After Belle gets her piece we get ours then My Margret says ” that’s it, no more.” I don’t know what she’s talking about the rest of the cheese is there on the table right in front of her. Maybe she needs new glasses because we certainly need more cheese!

~this is Bonnie “the not enough cheese” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Tic Tac Toe…Kind Of

We had lots of treats tonight on a piece of paper that had little squares drawn on it. My Margret saw a video where pups were playing a game called tic tac toe with their people. There were treats on each square and when the pup ate one treat ( who does that?) her person drew an x or an o in that spot.

My Margret has a lot of time on her hands (well not really because she is now working from home) but she still has waaaay too much to think because she thought we should try this. And um well we did and depending on how you look at it it was either a spectacular failure or a spectacular first try.

We did a good job putting our paws on the squares

But we got really excited and wouldn’t eat just one treat at a time in fact we gobbled them down before My Margret could even put them on the squares. I mean hello!!! They were treats!!! On top of that she had trouble handling the phone, marker and treats because she was laughing so hard

By the way don’t you think we should have gotten extra points for NOT eating the paper? We do!

~ this is Bonnie, Belle and Bess “the tic tac toe” Pups for the pups and kitties.

There’s Always Enough Room

I love to sit with My Greg. We all do, but the problem is my sister Bessie can be well um pushy. There I said it, She. Is. Pushy. Yesterday when I was sitting with My Greg she just jumped up and pushed her way right in! Bessie was kind of sassy and said Hey, look I’m here too!

I sure didn’t like that but then My Greg told me that there’s was more than enough room for both of us.

Guess what! He was right!

~this is Bonnie “there’s always enough room” Pup for the pups and kitties.