What’s the Big Deal? It’s Just a Bath, Right?

I gotta tell you I just don’t get it. It’s just a bath right. I mean you get in, get soapy and get out. I’m my opinion it takes WAY too long. I’ve got places to go and things to bark at. I tried twice during my bath to tell My Margret I was done by jumping out of the tub but she said I wasn’t so back in I went! Sigh…she is soooo slow.

But that’s nothing compared to how my sisters react.

Bonnie Pup loves getting a bath. The very minute she sees My Margret grab our towels she sticks like glue to her side so when we hear the “okay, who’s first?” she can run and jump in the tub. In fact this time she tried to convince My Margret that she needed 3 more baths. My Margret would just chuckle and say ” Bonnie Girl, you already had your bath.” Regardless on your view of baths you gotta give Bonnie points for trying.

Now Belle Pup is totally on the other side of the whole bath thing. She almost always wants to go last. Which is weird because she likes being in our pool that we play in during the summer. I don’t know what the difference is, I mean wet is wet!

Well during this bath Belle tried something new. She stood as close to the door as she could get and tried to guilt My Margret into saying she didn’t need a bath. Like that would work! Our My Margret knows all of our tricks so not much gets by her. Once Belle was in the water My Margret could tell that she wanted so badly to pick her paws up so they wouldn’t get wet except then she would get even wetter so after My Margret stopped chuckling she told Belle that she was almost done and got her out of the tub just that fast. Hmmm…maybe I should try that.

Oh one more thing, that night My Margret noticed that Linus was in the tub because apparently he thought he should have had a bath too. Needless to say he didn’t get one.

~this is Bess “the bath is a bath” Pup for the Pups and Kitties.

Me and My Margret Time

I’m so excited! Tonight I got to have me time with My Margret!

I showed her how to keep watch over the neighborhood.

Then I had her practice with me. She wasn’t half bad, a little more practice and she can sub for me!

We also saw a pretty sunset complete with the moon. Can you see it over the tree?

After that we went into the house and I got to play with the new toys that we got tonight.

We sure had fun tonight.

~this is Belle “the I love me and my Margret time” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Linus and Bonnie

Linus: It almost happened. This morning the back door popped open and I almost got to go out and explore.

Bonnie: So this morning I heard the back door open and I ran to the door because I thought My Greg had come home really early from work. Instead of My Greg I saw Linus Kitty getting ready to make a break for it.

I knew that wouldn’t be a good thing so I stood between Linus and the open door until My Margret came to shut the door. It was the longest minute of my life and Linus wasn’t very happy with me but My Margret said I was a very good girl so that made me feel a lot better.

Linus: I’m still not very happy with Bonnie Pup but deep down I know that she was just keeping me safe. Besides the outside is kinda big and scary but don’t tell her I said so.

~ this is Linus “the I almost made it outside” Kitty and Bonnie “the I didn’t let him” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Belle Communication Break Through!

Note from Belle’s My Margret

Belle is 6 years old. She is the watcher over pup for all of us. Second in command to Lucy Kitty, who taught her exactly how to keep her family in line.

Belle gets anxious and frets over new situations. She sometimes wants to be by herself although she is never more than a few feet from the rest of us.

She and I have been working for several weeks on our version of the “show me” command. When Bessie Pup wants something she comes to me stands before me and stares at me until holding my hands palm up I say show me. If she wants to be loved on she stays where she is and if she wants to go out to the pup pen she heads for the door to the pen. Belle has been watching this and tonight we had an amazing break through.

I heard Belle ring the “gotta go” chime indicating that she wanted to go out in their pen. I didn’t get up fast enough and the next thing I knew she was standing in front of me staring at me. I got up held my hands palm up and said “show me” and she turned and nosed at the napkin on tray by where I was sitting. I assured her that she didn’t really want the napkin and repeated show me. She headed without hesitation to the door to the pup pen and with only a quick look at the “gotta go” chime ( trying to decide if she needed to ring it or not since I was already holding the door open.) and sailed right through and out into the pen.

I told her she was a very good girl and gave her a treat. We’ll see if she continues to “show me” or if we need to keep practicing. But either way I am thrilled that Belle and I have another way that we can communicate.

~ this is Belle’s My Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

Yes, Four Snowflakes Can Make You Wet.

We woke up to snow this morning.

My sister Bessie loves snow and could care less if she is wet.

On the other hand I don’t like the snow and I really really don’t like being wet.

I love that My Margret knows that and dried me off first. Because those 4 snowflakes that you can see on my head and neck made me very wet.

~this is Belle ” the I don’t like to be wet” Pup for the pups and kitties.