You Know When….

You know when your sister rings the gotta go chime and you run dropping the bone you were chewing on to go out with her.

Then once you are out the door she turns around snatches up the bone you were just chewing on and runs into the living room?

Yeah that….

~ this is Bess “the yep she got me…this time” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Frisbees are Fun!

So My Margret bought us these orange round things earlier today and I think I’ve finally figured out what we are supposed to do with them.

My sister Bonnie doesn’t seem to like it.

And that’s ok by me!

~this is Bessie “the wait what do you mean I have to bring it back to you?” Pup for the pups and kitties.


We decided tonight was a good night to introduce the pups to the tennis ball launcher that we were given at Christmas.

When we went back on the house I discovered their new toys had arrived. I had picked up one just like these a couple of weeks ago and they all loved it. So I decided to order a few more.

Tonight’s playtime was a fun change of pace that we all enjoyed!

~this is the pups and kitties My Margret

My New Job

I’m so excited I have a new job, that’s right me! What is my job you ask?

You are looking at the bunny, truck, motorcycle, quad, tractor, bird and stray kitty, basically everything that isn’t a whatchamacallit, watcher! Yep that’s me. It’s a very important job that is basically 24/7. Why this week alone I had to go on watch at least 4 times during the night and two of those times were in the same night that’s how busy it is!

First I woke My Margret up around 12:30am THEN I woke up My Greg at 3:30am. I think they compared notes though because last night when I woke My Margret up in the middle of the night so I could go back out on watch she said “No Bonnie it’s night night time go back to sleep”. Do you know that when I pawed at her arm a few seconds later she said it again!

I showed her I grumbled and sighed all the way around the bed to lay back down. Now I know why Bessie Pup doesn’t like those words.

Sigh…how’s a watcher of all things except for whatchamacallits supposed to do her job?

~this is Bonnie ” I have a new job” Pup for the pups and kitties.

Can You Believe It?

I do a lot for My Margret.

I walk right in front of her when she walks up or down stairs to make sure the steps don’t trip her.

I help her when she is writing the church council meeting minutes by giving her a dose of cute.

And by making sure the page doesn’t go anywhere.

I curl up with her at bedtime and keep her company when she is sick.

Why I even keep the laundry from falling out of the basket.

I do all of that and she has the nerve to say I snore!

Can you believe that! Humph!

~this is Linus “the I don’t snore I purr loudly” Kitty for the pups and kitties.