I’m Sad and My Sisters are Confused

I’m sad, well actually I’m pouty. The drops haven’t made my ears any better.

 I do though like the cheese I get after my drops. Can you believe it, I get one slice of cheese per ear!

My sisters have been “helping” by licking my ears every chance they get. Every time they do My Margret and My Greg have told them “leave it!” followed by “good girl” . They are starting to think they have new names!

To keep the licking to a min min um minimum I’ve been staying in the house while they get to go outside.  I really, really, really want to be outside with them. Sigh.

My Greg called my vet and I’m getting some different medicine to go with the drops. WAIT! Do you think that means I get cheese AND hot dogs?!?!

~ this Bess “the sad and pouty but there may be hot dogs” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.


Ear Infections and the Good Treats

This morning My Margret saw Belle, my taker carer sister licking my ear, a lot.        My Margret went to get a flashlight so she could get a good look at my ear. 

That was easier said than done as she followed me around in circles, lots of circles. Finally I was getting dizzy so I laid down on the floor and invited her to rub my tummy. Instead she lifted up my ear flap, took one look and called My Greg at work. 

She asked him if he could take me to the vet, he said yes. Since I’m a strong bouncy girl My Greg gets to be the one to hold my leash when we go places. I’m doing a better job of being calm but every now and then my bouncy side comes out.

I was scared when we went to the clinic but My Greg took good care of me. Before I saw the Dr. I had to stand on the weight thingy but I decided to sit instead. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I weigh 93 lbs. I am a big girl!

The Dr took one look at my ears and said I had not a single but a double ear infection.  Like we say at our house ” If you’re going to do something do it good!” So I have to have drops put in my ears twice a day. Belle who is the ear infection Queen told me that means I get to get the good snacks, like cheese and hot dogs twice a day too!

I hope she’s right.

~ This is Bessie “the if you’re going to do it do it good” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

Guess What!!!!!

Guess what, you’ll never guess, common hurry up and …nope in a million trillion years, you’ll never guess!
I’m not scared of rain anymore!!!!!

It’s been rainy and My Greg asked My Margret last night “where’s Bess?”  She replied “Outside, why?”  My Greg looked at My Margret as if to say duh, and said “It’s raining.” My Margret freaked out and said 

“Oh my gosh! She’s not scared of rain anymore!! WooHoo!!!

The rain shower parties My Margret and I had outside did the trick. I love, love, love rain!  

But thunderstorms not much yet. They’re too loud.

~This is Bessie “the finally I’m not scared of rain” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Love and Prayers

The purpose of our blog is to show a glimpse of life with our pups and kitties. And hopefully their antics serve to brighten the day of those who read the posts. 

I don’t often use this platform to comment or highlight what is happening in the U.S. or the world. That doesn’t mean we don’t care, or don’t have an opinion or don’t pray for each of the situations that come across the airwaves or happen in the lives of those we know and love.

My heart is broken this morning as we learn more about yet another senseless act of violence with the shooting in Las Vegas. This on top of other sad and tragic situations all across the globe.

Below are a series of pictures of our pups and kitties, may they give you a bit warmth and love much as they give to us in person.

~love and prayers                                   Margret

Birthday Kong

Tonight My Margret gave me the best birthday treat EVER. A frozen peanut butter filled KONG.

I was so excited I couldn’t even wait to get all the way sitted down. 

A couple of minutes later I got more comfy and made sure my KONG wouldn’t get away from me.  This is the best birthday treat in all my three years!

~ this is Bessie “the Belated Birthday KONG”  Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

I’m Three!

I’m three! Well officially I turned 3 on September 16 and that was last Saturday.  But My Margret just realized last night that they forgot to celebrate and she feels horrible and awfully bad. Especially since birthdays are a big deal around here.  

She’s afraid she will be thrown out of the dog mom club. I’m pretty sure she is serious although I’m also pretty sure there isn’t such a thing. 

There’s been a lot going on at our house. The biggest thing is that My Greg was supposed to have knee surgery in early September to repair something or other that got hurt a few months ago. But was postponed by something called the insurance company. As soon as the doctors talk it over his surgery will be rescheduled. In the meantime my sisters and I keep him company when he’s icing and resting his leg after he comes home from work and on weekends. 

There’s been other stuff too but My Margret says it doesn’t matter because no matter what she shouldn’t have forgotten.  It was on the calendar and everything but she says that it would help if she would remember to look at the calendar. 

I keep telling her it’s ok,  I mean common I’ve got all the stuffies a pup could want. Well maybe not all but a lot.

Sisters to take naps and play with.

Plus I’ve got the best My Margret and My Greg any pup could ask for. They play with me, cuddle with me, give me really good treats, hold and pet me when I’m scared, gently correct me when I do wrong things and most of all call me “Sweet Pup”.

What more could a pup ask for…except well maybe another stuffie.

~this is Bessie “the I’m 3 now” Pup for the pups and kitties.