Just Shaking My Head

I love’em  but I gotta tell you sometimes My Margret and My Greg are clueless and just plain silly.

The other night The Bouncy One also known as Bess found a mouse out in our pup pen. She kept trying to catch it and I was watching her to make sure she did it right… um I mean to give her support.

When it was time to go to bed Bess jumped up on the bed between My Margret and My Greg and kept licking them. They just thought she was happy to see them. *sigh* Finally My Margret got up and said ” show me” and Bess raced down the stairs looking behind to see if My Margret was following, she can be pretty slow sometimes.  Of course Bonnie and I went too.

Bess jumped on the couch scooping something up on her way out to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen My Margret said “drop it” which Bess did, right by the pup pen door.  My Margret took one look and told us to “leave it” and that it was time to go to bed. Once she got us upstairs she told My Greg he had something he had to take care of.   So they both went downstairs when My Greg picked up the, you guessed it , mouse to take it back outside. 

My Margret now makes Bess stick out her tongue before letting her in from the pup pen. She figures if Bess has her tongue out she can’t be carrying anything in her mouth. What? You want to know how she gets Bess to stick out her tongue? Why My Margret sticks hers out at Bess first. * sigh* The silly thing is it works.

~ this is Belle “I’m just shaking my head” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties. 


Little People Visit

We had a visit this weekend from three of My Margret and My Greg’s little people. They really, really, really like me! ~Linus

The girls went shopping with My Margret and they brought me back a toy! I played so hard with it that I almost felt like a kitten again. I’m keeping it close to me so it doesn’t get lost. ~ Lucy

They like to play find it with us, so they threw treats for us to find. We like that, then they had us sit, so we got more treats. We liked that too! 

After we calmed down we got to be in the same room with them. They are still little and when we get excited we sometimes forget and jump up.  That’s not a good thing. 

The oldest little person brushed my fur I liked it and by the smile on his face he liked it too. I think he forgave me for jumping on him. ~ Bonnie 

I got to show everyone how I roll over. It took a little while to remember how but then I remembered. Everyone clapped. It made me feel good. ~ Bessie

I stayed close to My Greg until I got used to the little people again. Pretty soon I was getting treats like my sisters.  Although I’m the taker carer pup in the family it sometimes takes me awhile to get used to things. ~ Belle

~this is Linus, Lucy, Bonnie, Belle and Bess “the we had a really good time and can’t wait for them to come back” pups and kitties

Rockin The Mellow Shirt! 

Guess what?!?!?! My Margret ordered me a Mellow Shirt and it came today. My Margret put my sisters out in the pup pen then she put it on me. We played a game of tag while she was trying to put it on me, and I jumped up and down from My Greg’s lap lots of times oh!oh!oh! And I got treats!!!

I like it!   

My Margret had my sisters come in and Belle played the leave it game because the fashion police that she is, she kept trying to take it off of me, but she got treats every time she “left it” so she left it! 

Bonnie didn’t care what I was wearing she just wanted to make sure she wasn’t left out of getting treats. She wasn’t.

I heard that it’s supposed to be rumbly and flashy in a few days but that’s ok I’m ready….I think.

~ this is Bess “the I’m rockin my mellow shirt” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Rumbly Flashy Wet Things

Ever since the night a couple of weeks ago when the glowy rumbly eyes came to our house I’ve been really, REALLY afraid of the rumbly flashy wet things.

 Last Saturday My Margret posted this on her Facebook page. 

“What a night! 4 rounds of storms, 5 if you count the one now. It must have been some storm when our transformer blew 10 days ago because Bessie pup didn’t want go outside last night and she usually leads the pack.

She was very scared of the storms during the night but I put a blanket around her and Greg and I took turns hugging her tightly and petting her while she hunkered down in between us. The measure of her fear is that she doesn’t like blankets covering her, and she usually sleeps on the floor unless she is trying to wake us up.”

Well we had another storm last night right when we were getting ready for bed.  I didn’t like that one either. My Margret put one of My Greg’s shirts on me.


I kinda liked it but my sister Belle tried to take it off of me (she does stuff like that). So then it got all tangled up and I didn’t like that so My Margret took it off of me. 

Then I jumped up on the bed and tried to get under the blanket. My Margret pulled it up and around me then she and My Greg took turns petting me. I would lick them to remind them whose turn it was. 

My Greg also closed the curtains so the light flashy things wouldn’t be so bright and had the box that plays music turned on so the rumbly noises weren’t so loud.

My Margret had her lighted board thingy on and My Greg would ask her how much longer the rumbly light flashy thing was going to last. So she would tell him “it’s got a long way to go” and finally I heard “it’s almost over.”  He didn’t have to ask her when it was done I told him that when I jumped off the bed and went to lay down by my sisters.

I’m really tired so I think I’ll go take a nap now.

~this is Bessie “the I REALLY don’t like rumbly flashy things” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Storm Comforter 

We had another storm last night. I was a good girl and comforted My Margret while my sisters and My Greg kept sleeping. 

Every time there was a light flashy thing and rubble noises I stood on her and gave her a little lick to let her know I was there. At first My Margret pretended to be asleep, but she didn’t fool me I knew she was scared of the storm. 

Then I invited her to pet me because I know she likes to do that. Every time she petted me she kept calling me a sweet girl so I know I helped her.

~ this is Bessie “the I’m scared um I mean My Margret is scared of storms” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

One Lovely Blog Award

  Thank you to Mia and her Mom for nominating us for the One Lovely Blog award! You can visit them at https://itsapibbleslife.com

One of the rules is to list seven facts about yourself, there are so many of us that we were all saying Me first Me first!  My Margret heard me first so I get to go first!


I like to play with my dog sisters tennis balls! ~ Linus


I like to get my dog sisters in trouble so I meow at them to get them to bark at me. Shh! don’t tell My Margret. ~ Lucy


I like being indoors and pretend that I don’t hear when My Margret calls me to go outside. Then she  gets all silly sounding to get me to want to go out. She’s so funny that I go outside just to reward her for trying so hard! ~Bonnie


We ring the gotta go chime when we want to go out. (well except for Bess,  Bonnie and I ring it for her but that’s another story.) When the door is already open I don’t ring it but I still stop and look at the chime on my way outside. I am the rule follower. ~Belle

img_7682Although I’m the youngest I can usually talk my sisters into whatever I want them to do ~Bess


When it’s time for bed we wait and go up with the last person going to be. Sometimes we have to tell My Margret and My Greg that it’s bedtime. ~ nose nudges Bess, Belle and Bonnie

We are the real bosses of our home but let the others think they are!~ rumbly purrs Lucy and Linus.

Now we are supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers but we have a problem. Her name is My Margret, we’ve told her she needs to explore more blogs and she has been but…she doesn’t always do things when we tell her to and all the bloggers she knows have already been nominated by other people. So we told her that she could still list their blog sites so she said she would.  Please visit the following sites of some very special pups and their people.  My Margret being who she is has probably missed some other very special pups and their people and told us to tell them she is very sorry and is working on her memory skills.

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~ the pups and kitties