Practically Perfect!

520B7D9C-F7F2-49DB-B783-7ACCFAA86BC9.jpegMy Margret and My Greg went with me to see Dr. Janelle for my once a year look over. First though I had to help My Greg get there. 40DA387F-6C1E-4386-B6AB-A6FED4BB9AD0.jpeg

Then when we got there I kept an eye on things outside and would report back to My Greg.121055E8-4DE2-4FFB-B49E-06E8598BED23.jpegCB3DF32B-6DD4-4643-996B-4D91B50C7577.jpeg

When it was our turn to go see Dr. Janelle I stopped off first to get weighed. My Margret says that I’m a 94 lb lap puppy!  Once we got into the exam room I wanted to go right back out but “sigh” nobody would open the door for me. So then I jumped up on the bench and leaned so far against the wall that Dr. Janelle said I was “one with the wall” whatever that means. Finally she told me I was a good girl and practically perfect in every way and then I heard the magic words. “Bessie, we can open the door for you!” And they did!

~this is Bessie “the practically perfect” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.


Everything Is Just Plain Weird!

DCF172E3-8129-477D-95AA-86A6B9338F35.jpegThings have been just plain weird at our house.  My Margret and My Greg were home for lots of days on something called break. Then when they started being gone again it was really, really, really cold so they let us stay in the house. My Greg would come home at his lunch time and let us out in the pup pen.


Then yesterday it wasn’t as cold but it rained and when it hit the ground it made everything slippy and slidey and I didn’t like that AT ALL! In fact this morning when My Margret called us to go out to our pup porch I wanted to be a good girl and listen but I didn’t want to go out even more so she had to use my leash to help me go out. She told me I was a good girl and it was going to warm up so it wouldn’t be slippery anymore. She was right.

Then this happened…



1864FB03-4604-421C-878A-364E45F0DAA8.jpegWhew! It’s a pretend puppy. But it sure looked real,  I mean it was breathin and everything but it didn’t pass the smell test.

It would be kinda nice to not be the youngest anymore but…wait what am I saying!

~ this is Bessie the “things have been too weird for even me” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

One Step At A Time

So I’ve been trying to tell My Margret and My Greg that I want to be out of my royal palace when my pup sisters are in the house. Normally the door to my palace is open so I can be out and about when they are in the pup pen and closed when they are in the house.

Today they finally listened to me and this is what happened.    

First Belle came up to visit.

While Bessie and Bonnie explored my palace.

Then Bonnie came over to talk to me.

Then Bessie came over to join the party. She did a lot of barking to tell me she was glad to see me. 

My Greg kept talking to them and giving them treats while he held me.  To give us tie to all get used to being together again.  He always tells My Margret that he can multitask, I guess he just proved it.

After awhile My Greg decided to take me into the living room. Bonnie and Bessie came too. 

By then I was ready for a break so My Margret called the pups and put them in their pup pen while I settled in on the back of the couch. Shhh don’t tell Belle because she still doesn’t understand why Linus and I can sit there and she can’t.                                          Oh and I heard My Greg tell My Margret that we’re going to do this again tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the tomorrow after that and…well you get the idea.

~this is Lucy “the one step closer to all of us being together” kitty for the rest of the pups and kitty.

Best Seat in the House

My Margret doesn’t understand. 

 I really like sitting on the back of the couch. I’m the looker out of everyone and I can see better up here. Plus it’s comfy. Plus plus she lets Linus Kitty sit there so I don’t see why I can’t.    

This morning I stubbornly er insistently um er persistently sat there 5 times and 5 times My Margret patted the couch cushion and said my name. That was shorthand for “Belle get off the back of the couch.”      We’ve done this so often that she doesn’t even have to say down anymore. I just know. 

Because in the end I’m the good girl of the bunch I would move but then when her back was turned I would go right back.

One of those times My Greg was standing there watching and when she told me to get down I looked at him to see if I really had to. He didn’t say anything but turned and went out of the room. The least he could have done was back me up. Oh and I think I heard laughter, what’s up with that!

Finally I got tired of playing the stubborn er  insistent er persistent pup game and just laid down where I was supposed to but I made sure to have a good pout going. 

~ this is Belle “the why can’t I sit on the back of the couch?” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

The Return Of Baby Alligator Jaws

I found a very tasty fake leaf. It was mine and I didn’t want to “give” so I didn’t. I just clamped down harder than ever on that leaf. 

First I looked this way.

Then that way.

Then this way again.

Then…well you get the idea.

I gave it my all, but after 5 minutes I finally gave up. My Margret says that’s a personal best for me.  I’m so proud!

~this is Bessie “the baby alligator jaws returns” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.