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We Love This Couch

We love this couch! 

As do I.

Me Too!!

~nose nudges and rumbly purrs from The  “It’s not a pretty couch but it’s ours” Pups and Kitties.


Who’s With Me?

This morning My Margret was checking my ears to see how they were doing. After she gave me a tummy rub I got up, went into the kitchen sat by the refrigerator and asked nicely for a piece of cheese. 

My Margret ruffled my fur and laughed.  I don’t think it was funny. I mean come on I get cheese and hotdogs with my pills and ear powder. I think it’s only fair to expect some cheese when my ears are looked at. 

I mean it’s only right!

Who’s with me?

~ this is Belle “the it’s always time for cheese” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other.

So Bessie’s ear infection is better but not gone. 

Belle now has two hot spots, one on the underside of each ear flap. 

The pups are not leaving each other alone so on went the cones to give the meds the best possible chance to work. 

Belle a cone veteran is rocking her cone. But this is Bessie’s first time wearing the cone so in spite of her smile not so much.  In fact she’s trying to convince her My Greg to please, please,  please take it off.

And Me well the picture speaks for itself.

~ this is Bonnie “the infection and hot spot free” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Three Ring Circus!

The three ring circus just finished their annual check up at our Vet’s. Bonnie weighed in at 72lbs and Belle weighed in at 78 lbs. all is well with our pups. No ear infection for our ear infection Queen Miss Belle. That was an added bonus! 
Both Greg and I went, the idea was to each have hold of a dog. Yeah…we need to work on that. Even with a bum knee Greg handled both pups at one time with ease while because of their excitement/ anxiety I couldn’t even hold on to one while standing/ walking. We did do some wonderful twists and turns though.


~this  My Margret “clearly needing to do some strengthening exercises” for the pups and kitties.