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Storm Comforter 

We had another storm last night. I was a good girl and comforted My Margret while my sisters and My Greg kept sleeping. 

Every time there was a light flashy thing and rubble noises I stood on her and gave her a little lick to let her know I was there. At first My Margret pretended to be asleep, but she didn’t fool me I knew she was scared of the storm. 

Then I invited her to pet me because I know she likes to do that. Every time she petted me she kept calling me a sweet girl so I know I helped her.

~ this is Bessie “the I’m scared um I mean My Margret is scared of storms” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

One Lovely Blog Award

  Thank you to Mia and her Mom for nominating us for the One Lovely Blog award! You can visit them at

One of the rules is to list seven facts about yourself, there are so many of us that we were all saying Me first Me first!  My Margret heard me first so I get to go first!


I like to play with my dog sisters tennis balls! ~ Linus


I like to get my dog sisters in trouble so I meow at them to get them to bark at me. Shh! don’t tell My Margret. ~ Lucy


I like being indoors and pretend that I don’t hear when My Margret calls me to go outside. Then she  gets all silly sounding to get me to want to go out. She’s so funny that I go outside just to reward her for trying so hard! ~Bonnie


We ring the gotta go chime when we want to go out. (well except for Bess,  Bonnie and I ring it for her but that’s another story.) When the door is already open I don’t ring it but I still stop and look at the chime on my way outside. I am the rule follower. ~Belle

img_7682Although I’m the youngest I can usually talk my sisters into whatever I want them to do ~Bess


When it’s time for bed we wait and go up with the last person going to be. Sometimes we have to tell My Margret and My Greg that it’s bedtime. ~ nose nudges Bess, Belle and Bonnie

We are the real bosses of our home but let the others think they are!~ rumbly purrs Lucy and Linus.

Now we are supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers but we have a problem. Her name is My Margret, we’ve told her she needs to explore more blogs and she has been but…she doesn’t always do things when we tell her to and all the bloggers she knows have already been nominated by other people. So we told her that she could still list their blog sites so she said she would.  Please visit the following sites of some very special pups and their people.  My Margret being who she is has probably missed some other very special pups and their people and told us to tell them she is very sorry and is working on her memory skills.

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~ the pups and kitties

Amazing Spin Broom

I don’t usually talk about cleaning products but this one is too good not to mention. I purchased the Hurricane Spin Broom today at Walmart after seeing an ad for it on the Hallmark Channel. 

It is amazing! With 3 dogs and 2 cats especially when everyone is shedding it can be a challenge to easily keep dirt and straw bits from the pup pen and pet hair picked up off of our hardwood floors.

This product lives up to their advertising and I totally recommend it. 

~The Pups and Kitties My Margret

 Glowy Rumbly Eyes

The other morning we had a storm and there was a loud noise.

When My Greg came home from work the lights didn’t work. They still didn’t work when My Margret came home from work so they called the light maker people.

It got really dark, really, really dark.  

All of a sudden there was a rumbly noise and glowy eyes out our window.

The light maker people came to fix something called a transformer. I was scared but My Margret kept telling me it would be ok. The next thing I knew the rumbly glowy eyes left, the lights came on and it wasn’t dark anymore. That made me really really happy!

~This is Bess “the not a fan of storms and rumbly glowy eyes” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

In And Out Gang

There have been a LOT of imaginary whatchamacallits in our yard this week. 

As you know we are a team of taker carer pups so in order to uphold our honored duty of taking care of our My Margret and our My Greg we’ve been going in and out and in and out and out and in and out and in….a Lot so we can keep track of those imaginary whatchamacallits. A side benefit, our people have been getting a LOT of exercise since we don’t know how to open the door to go out to our pup pen…yet.

~ this is Bess, Belle and Bonnie “the taker carer and exercise supervisors” pups wishing everyone a happy weekend!

Those Loud Booming Sounds.

We just had 4 years I mean nights of loud booming noises. My sisters didn’t care but I didn’t like it. 

My Margret just kept petting me and talking softly to me. My Greg turned on the music thingy so I could listen to that instead.  About halfway through the loud sounds last night I stopped staring at My Margret and went to lay down by my sisters.  I think maybe I’m getting used to them.

~Bessie “the I don’t like loud booming sounds” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.