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Taking Care Of Things At Home

My Margret is going back to work tomorrow after being home and keeping My Greg company during the first couple of weeks after his knee surgery.

She said she going to miss spending so much time with us so I brought her my favorite giraffe stuffie and let her pet me.

Then Bonnie curled up with her while My Margret was reading a book. Bonnie said something about giving her a dose of cute whatever that means.

Then Belle assured her that we would keep My Greg company and make sure he does what he’s supposed to…well…maybe… because…we…might have heard something about treats to look the other way….

~ this is Bessie “the taking care of things at home” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Just Resting Up

It’s hard work takin care of our My Greg.

So while most of the time we are keeping an eye on things.

And keeping My Greg company.

Every now and then we take a little snooze.


~ this is “Team Greg, just resting up” for the Pups and Kitties.

Physical Therapy Helpers

Our My Greg has exercises he does at home and we get to help him do them.

First Bonnie leans on his leg to help him get the most out of the extension stretches.

Belle gave Bonnie some help in making that three minutes go faster.

Next up Belle helps count down the minutes in the extension stretch while Bessie checks to see if his knee is going straighter.

Then Bessie makes sure My Greg’s knee is right where it needs to be for the flexion stretch. She also gave him a “doing a good job” kiss.

Our My Margret helps by counting down the minutes and seconds with all the exercises. And keeping really good notes to keep everything on track.

~ this is Bonnie, Belle and Bessie “the Team Greg” Pups for the Pups and Kitties.

Taker Carer of Our My Greg Pups

We haven’t seen our My Greg in forever, (really it was just yesterday morning)

He had a partial knee replacement yesterday. He came home yesterday too but we didn’t get to come in and welcome him home. We didn’t like that. Our My Margret kept coming out to our pup porch to love us and talk to us so that helped …kinda….not really…

Finally today Our My Margret said we could come in and see him one at a time, she’s bossy like that.

First Bessie came in.

Then Bonnie

Then Belle

He went back into the living room and told our My Margret to let us stay in. She wasn’t sure if that was a good idea but we were really happy to hear that especially Belle who gets to take the first turn being the taker carer of our My Greg. I guess it’s only fair I mean she’s the taker carer pup of all of us.

~ this is Bonnie, Bess and Belle “the taker carer of our My Greg” pups for the pups and kitties.

Lots Going On

We had big and little people at our house this weekend. I got to spend time with Aaron one of the older little people. We played find it, he had me practice sit and just plain gave me really good face rubs. I liked it a lot!

Next up was Belle, she got to spend time with Katie the youngest of the little people who wanted to give her treats. Her grandpa who is also our My Greg helped her.

Then Ethan the oldest little person ( I’m not sure he can be called little anymore he’s taller than his grandma who is also our My Margret) and Aaron got to pet and give her more treats

When it was Bessie’s turn she was so excited to see the little people that she knocked over the gate and almost My Margret when My Margret grabbed her so she wouldn’t bounce against Katie. We all decided that Bessie needs to calm down a bit and Katie needs to grow a bit more before we try that again. Maybe the next time they come.

My Margret told us that we three pups need to get our taker carer hats on. Something about our My Greg and a new knee in a couple of days. Hmm…we aren’t quite sure what that means but we are getting ready to report for taker carer duty.

This is Bonnie “the there’s lots going on at our house” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.