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Miss Belle, Hotspots and Her My Greg

I’m working on a hot spot and My Margret is working just as hard to stop the growth of said hotspot.

As she was giving me my stop itching medicine in cheese my sisters heard the wrapper rustle and got in line for their bit of cheese. You should have seen the look on Bonnie’s face on being put outside before she got her cheese. In fact it took using the leash to help her the 12 remaining inches out the door to their pup porch. She can be a bit stubborn sometimes.

When My Margret wanted to put the other medicine on my paw and wrap it for a few minutes so I wouldn’t lick it off instead of laying down and letting her take care of me I heard My Greg come in and ran to him to let him know that I needed his support while she medicated and bandaged my paw. After that because someone needs to distract me so I don’t chew the bandage off I knew only My Greg would do.

Oh and of course Bess and Bonnie got their bit of cheese too.

~ this is Belle “the My Greg makes everything better” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Family Time Or Getting Used To The Bouncy One

I told my Margret a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to start spending more time with the my family including the bouncy one who barks when she sees me . I figured it was about time that the two of us got used to each other. (If you look real hard you can see me laying on the bed across the room from the door).

My Margret and My Greg fixed up a place that’s just for me, well my brother kitty Linus comes in too. The best part is I can come and go whenever I want to.

The bouncy one is finally getting used to me and sometimes instead of barking she just stands and stares at me. I just stare back.

My favorite all time thing to do is to sit by My Margret and purr.

I’m pretty sure that’s her favorite thing too.

~ this is Lucy “the I like spending time with my family” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Just In Case

I thought I should have some post it notes handy for writing down my dreams. Wait, what, My Margret you think I took them from the middle of the table, Me?!? ~ this is Bonnie “the table surfing” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

Practically Perfect!

520B7D9C-F7F2-49DB-B783-7ACCFAA86BC9.jpegMy Margret and My Greg went with me to see Dr. Janelle for my once a year look over. First though I had to help My Greg get there. 40DA387F-6C1E-4386-B6AB-A6FED4BB9AD0.jpeg

Then when we got there I kept an eye on things outside and would report back to My Greg.121055E8-4DE2-4FFB-B49E-06E8598BED23.jpegCB3DF32B-6DD4-4643-996B-4D91B50C7577.jpeg

When it was our turn to go see Dr. Janelle I stopped off first to get weighed. My Margret says that I’m a 94 lb lap puppy!  Once we got into the exam room I wanted to go right back out but “sigh” nobody would open the door for me. So then I jumped up on the bench and leaned so far against the wall that Dr. Janelle said I was “one with the wall” whatever that means. Finally she told me I was a good girl and practically perfect in every way and then I heard the magic words. “Bessie, we can open the door for you!” And they did!

~this is Bessie “the practically perfect” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Everything Is Just Plain Weird!

DCF172E3-8129-477D-95AA-86A6B9338F35.jpegThings have been just plain weird at our house.  My Margret and My Greg were home for lots of days on something called break. Then when they started being gone again it was really, really, really cold so they let us stay in the house. My Greg would come home at his lunch time and let us out in the pup pen.


Then yesterday it wasn’t as cold but it rained and when it hit the ground it made everything slippy and slidey and I didn’t like that AT ALL! In fact this morning when My Margret called us to go out to our pup porch I wanted to be a good girl and listen but I didn’t want to go out even more so she had to use my leash to help me go out. She told me I was a good girl and it was going to warm up so it wouldn’t be slippery anymore. She was right.

Then this happened…



1864FB03-4604-421C-878A-364E45F0DAA8.jpegWhew! It’s a pretend puppy. But it sure looked real,  I mean it was breathin and everything but it didn’t pass the smell test.

It would be kinda nice to not be the youngest anymore but…wait what am I saying!

~ this is Bessie the “things have been too weird for even me” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.