Monthly Archives: September 2017

I’m Three!

I’m three! Well officially I turned 3 on September 16 and that was last Saturday.  But My Margret just realized last night that they forgot to celebrate and she feels horrible and awfully bad. Especially since birthdays are a big deal around here.  

She’s afraid she will be thrown out of the dog mom club. I’m pretty sure she is serious although I’m also pretty sure there isn’t such a thing. 

There’s been a lot going on at our house. The biggest thing is that My Greg was supposed to have knee surgery in early September to repair something or other that got hurt a few months ago. But was postponed by something called the insurance company. As soon as the doctors talk it over his surgery will be rescheduled. In the meantime my sisters and I keep him company when he’s icing and resting his leg after he comes home from work and on weekends. 

There’s been other stuff too but My Margret says it doesn’t matter because no matter what she shouldn’t have forgotten.  It was on the calendar and everything but she says that it would help if she would remember to look at the calendar. 

I keep telling her it’s ok,  I mean common I’ve got all the stuffies a pup could want. Well maybe not all but a lot.

Sisters to take naps and play with.

Plus I’ve got the best My Margret and My Greg any pup could ask for. They play with me, cuddle with me, give me really good treats, hold and pet me when I’m scared, gently correct me when I do wrong things and most of all call me “Sweet Pup”.

What more could a pup ask for…except well maybe another stuffie.

~this is Bessie “the I’m 3 now” Pup for the pups and kitties. 

Early Morning Musical Chairs

This morning My Margret got up from my, um I mean her, well really our chair to get another cup of coffee when I took her place and got comfy.

Because I have her well trained she moved over to My Greg’s chair. But what she didn’t realize was that I wanted to cuddle with her. So I jumped up and snuggled down with her.

Then Linus decided that he didn’t want to be left out so he jumped up to join us.

Then it got too crowded so I moved back to our chair. 

Whew…all of that wore me out Zzzzzzzzz

~ this is Bonnie “the it’s a musical chair kind of morning” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

There’s Enough For Everyone.

Hi Everybody!

I gotta tell you sometimes my older pup sisters are just plain silly.

Last night, Belle jumped up to sit with My Greg for awhile and Bonnie actually jumped up in My Margret’s lap so she could glare at Belle because SHE wanted to sit with My Greg.

She actually pouted when Belle didn’t move.

I told them that they needed to remember how they like to snuggle together.

Or how they work together to keep an eye on things 

I especially told them that they need to learn to chill like me, because in this house there is plenty of love and attention for everyone!

This is Linus “the chillin because there’s love enough for everyone” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Bath Time

Bath Time! Our My Margret said we could all tell you about our baths today. 

I don’t like baths…ever! I tried to tell My Margret that I would prefer going outside or sitting on My Greg’s lap instead of taking a bath. *sigh* But it didn’t work so I decided instead to surprise My Margret and jumped into the tub. She told me I was a good girl and her sweet pup while she was  shampooing my fur. It was taking her way too long so I decided my bath was done and jumped out of the tub. ~ Belle Pup

I love, love, love baths! My Margret was trying to get my sister Bess to take her turn when I just couldn’t wait any longer and pushed past them and jumped into the tub. I also love the taste of shampoo and I licked it off almost as fast as My Margret put it on my fur. It was a fun game. ~Bonnie Pup

I don’t like baths very much so it was fine with me when my sister Bonnie took my turn. I tried telling My Margret that I was done with my bath but she said I needed to at least get wet and at least have a little bit of soap on my fur. I’m telling you it took FOREVER! ~ Bessie Pup

Our My Margret told us that she had a surprise for us after our baths. We really like it!

It helped us stay busy while we were waiting for our fur to dry.

And waiting…

And waiting some more.

~this is Bonnie, Bess and Belle “the bath time crew” for the pups and kitties.

Adventure Time….Well Kind Of

My Margret and I went on an adventure!

Well we really just went for a walk around our yard but it was just the two of us and I liked that.

I explored some of our flowers and the creepy crawlies jumpy things that were by them.

My Margret wanted me to pose in front of the morning glories and geraniums but silly My Margret didn’t have good enough snacks to bribe um reward um get me to pose where she wanted me to.  I had too many things that I wanted to smell and explore to be a pup model. I did take pity on her and gave her this. 

And this

Before I went back to this.

~ This is Belle “the I have places to go and things to smell” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.