Monthly Archives: August 2017

He’s Home!!!

Our Greg is home!!! He went to watch the eclipse with the Missouri big and little people. He got some really good pictures of it.

We missed him while he was gone. My Margret would tell us every night that he would be home soon. But it sure didn’t seem like soon to us. 
We were so excited to see him when he came home today that we haven’t left him alone.Just making sure you’re still there ~ Bonnie

And then this happened…~ Belle

I’ll share my stuffie with you! ~Bessie.   

~this is Bonnie, Belle and Bess “the we’re glad Our Greg is home” pups for the pups and kitties.

The Mighty Thunder Dog

We’ve had a couple of storms since My Margret got me my Mellow Shirt.

When I’m wearing my shirt My Greg calls me his Mighty Thunder Dog. He tells me that I can handle anything,  even a thunderstorm!

~this is Bess “the Mighty Thunder Dog” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Just Shaking My Head

I love’em  but I gotta tell you sometimes My Margret and My Greg are clueless and just plain silly.

The other night The Bouncy One also known as Bess found a mouse out in our pup pen. She kept trying to catch it and I was watching her to make sure she did it right… um I mean to give her support.

When it was time to go to bed Bess jumped up on the bed between My Margret and My Greg and kept licking them. They just thought she was happy to see them. *sigh* Finally My Margret got up and said ” show me” and Bess raced down the stairs looking behind to see if My Margret was following, she can be pretty slow sometimes.  Of course Bonnie and I went too.

Bess jumped on the couch scooping something up on her way out to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen My Margret said “drop it” which Bess did, right by the pup pen door.  My Margret took one look and told us to “leave it” and that it was time to go to bed. Once she got us upstairs she told My Greg he had something he had to take care of.   So they both went downstairs when My Greg picked up the, you guessed it , mouse to take it back outside. 

My Margret now makes Bess stick out her tongue before letting her in from the pup pen. She figures if Bess has her tongue out she can’t be carrying anything in her mouth. What? You want to know how she gets Bess to stick out her tongue? Why My Margret sticks hers out at Bess first. * sigh* The silly thing is it works.

~ this is Belle “I’m just shaking my head” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties. 

Little People Visit

We had a visit this weekend from three of My Margret and My Greg’s little people. They really, really, really like me! ~Linus

The girls went shopping with My Margret and they brought me back a toy! I played so hard with it that I almost felt like a kitten again. I’m keeping it close to me so it doesn’t get lost. ~ Lucy

They like to play find it with us, so they threw treats for us to find. We like that, then they had us sit, so we got more treats. We liked that too! 

After we calmed down we got to be in the same room with them. They are still little and when we get excited we sometimes forget and jump up.  That’s not a good thing. 

The oldest little person brushed my fur I liked it and by the smile on his face he liked it too. I think he forgave me for jumping on him. ~ Bonnie 

I got to show everyone how I roll over. It took a little while to remember how but then I remembered. Everyone clapped. It made me feel good. ~ Bessie

I stayed close to My Greg until I got used to the little people again. Pretty soon I was getting treats like my sisters.  Although I’m the taker carer pup in the family it sometimes takes me awhile to get used to things. ~ Belle

~this is Linus, Lucy, Bonnie, Belle and Bess “the we had a really good time and can’t wait for them to come back” pups and kitties