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What’s A Pup To Do?

My Margret and My Greg have been helping me learn to not bark as much. Especially at Lucy Kitty because it used to scare her.

Well not anymore in fact she’s starting to meow at me BEFORE I even bark at her.

Then I get into trouble so I ask you is that even fair?

~ this is Bess ” the what’s a pup to do” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties

PS from My Margret, While we are at work or out and about and the pups are out in their pup pen we open the door to Lucy’s condo. She wastes no time in going to the top of the buffet where she settles down for a long snooze. She is getting used to taking some spills but immediately tries again and usually succeeds. Oh and Bessie is right Lucy has started meowing at the pups. I know she’s feeling better when she starts to agitate!


I got to go on an adventure with My Margret and My Greg!

At first I thought I was going to our vet but then we stopped at a place that had trees and water jumping up in the air.

I got to explore then I practiced walking beside My Greg… a lot. He kept saying I was a good girl so I must have done alright. 

There was a lot going on, lots of cars, motorcycles too. I don’t like motorcycles they are too loud. 

I met some people they petted me and I didn’t jump on them. I did get excited and jumped on My Greg but only a little bit. One of the ladies that petted me told us about her dog Roosevelt. Oh and we saw another dog but we didn’t get to say hi. 

We sat down for awhile and I just kept watching everything that was happening. 

Then we left the tree and jumping water place and walked down to this place where we got something called ice cream. It was good but really cold. I think I’m going to have to try it again to see if I really like it or not.

~ this is Bessie “the I went on an adventure” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Lucy Taking It Slow

After the first night when I jumped up on top of the buffet I’ve been very satisfied to stay close to my condo even with the door open. 

My Margret checked with her kitty friends to see if my behavior was normal. They all said it was which reassured My Margret. Since then she’s ok with me napping a lot and going at my own pace.

Both she and My Greg worked hard today changing some stuff around so when I’m ready to explore again it’s all ready. 

My Greg built a door for the bottom of the basement stairs.  It’s custom made to fit around the pipes when the door is open. Which is why there is a hole at the top. 

My Margret fixed up the mud room with a litter box since  we can’t go down the basement anymore. All of our food bins are in there so she put a gate so Linus and I can get in but the pups can’t. 

She also put a kitty climbing tower by a high up place to make it easier for me to get up and down. An added bonus it’s by the heat register so this winter if I want to I’ll have a cozy warm place to sit.

Linus  check it all out and told me all about it. He’s a good brother kitty, when he’s not being pesky.

~ this is Lucy “the going at my own pace” kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.


Today was take your dog to work day. My Margret and My Greg didn’t get that memo so we helped them work at home while they were doing yard work.

We all took turns telling them what to do. They couldn’t have done it without us.

~this is Bonnie, Belle and Bess “the best yard work supervisors in the world” pups for the pups and kitties.

Never Underestimate A Determined Kitty

So this happened 5 minutes out of the condo.Then this happened.                                    ~this is Lucy ” the nothing’s going to stop me” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

P.S. I thought climbing up to the top of the buffet would take Lucy at least a few days to accomplish. Nope after opening her condo door she came up to me for a quick cuddle and started to explore. I left the room for a minute, came back and found her at the top of the buffet.                      Never underestimated the power of a determined kitty. ~ Lucy’s My Margret

Stitch Free

My Greg took me to get my stitches out today.  I am officially stitch free with no restrictions!  Now it’s time for some rehab. The plan is that I’m going to be hanging out in my condo until I am able to jump up to my favorite high up places.

My Margret is going to put some chairs near them so it’s easier for me to jump up.  

My Greg is building a door to put at the entrance of the basement so I won’t be tempted to go back down to my basement kingdom. 

Then when the pups are outside and My Margret is home she’s going to open the door of my condo so I can get used to being out and about. But she’ll put me back in and shut the door when the pups are in the house or everyone is gone.            

After I can jump up easily to my high places the pups will start be in the house at the same time that I’m out of my condo. I heard My Margret say that we are going to take it real slow.  I like that. In the meantime I’d better rest up I’ve got a lot of work to do.

~ this is Lucy “the stitch free” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties

Helper Watcher Over

They’re Back! My Margret and My Greg went on vacation with their big and little people. They were gone for what seemed like a long time but I guess it was only for something called a long weekend.

While they were gone I helped Mrs. Wendy,  our watcher over person keep track of everyone. She said I did a good job.

My sister kitty Lucy really like her. She went right up to Mrs. Wendy to be loved on.     Considering Lucy is very shy around people she doesn’t know very well that was, well huge.

My sister pups acted very silly when My Margret and My Greg came home. Bonnie and Bess sat on My Greg so he wouldn’t leave again.

I on the other hand was dignified befitting my status as a helper watcher over. I waited until things quieted down before sitting on My Margret so she wouldn’t go anywhere.

Oh I almost forgot, Lucy Kitty gets her stitches out today. More on that later.

~this is Linus “the helper watcher over” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitty.