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Lucy Update

First of all I just want to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, support and comments. This has been a tough day and you all helped us through it. You all are awesome!

The good news is that Lucy does not have any internal injuries. She does have a cut on her tongue which is why she was bleeding. 

The more difficult news is that her left hind leg was broken into 4-5 fragments. We were given the option of a referral to a surgeon who with plates  and screws could try to put it back together which would be a long and painful recovery or our vet could amputate her leg. Once it heals she won’t be in pain and should be able to manage very well.  

Greg and I went into this wanting what was going to be best for Lucy. I asked the vet if this were her kitty what would she do and she didn’t hesitate to say amputate. Given Lucy’s age it’s simply what is going to be best for her. She has surgery tomorrow and if all goes well we should be able to bring her home on Saturday.

The best news was that Dr. Coder said that she is in excellent health for a 16 year old kitty.

Once again thank you!

God bless you and yours.                                                      ~ Margret

Lucy Kitty 

We would appreciate prayers for our Lucy Kitty, who is 16. 

She prefers to stay in the basement where it’s quieter but tends to come up when the pups are outside or upstairs overnight with us. She didn’t go down to the basement early enough this morning and a couple of the pups chased her and roughhoused with her.  

She is currently spending the day with our vet being checked out. She has bruising and a possible broken back leg. They will also check for internal injuries.  I will find out more this afternoon. 

Thank you,                                                   Lucy’s My Margret

Almost But Not Quite

This morning My Margret and I went to see Dr. Coder so she could check my ears.  

My Margret put me in the backseat with my tennis ball. You’d think she would know by now that I’m a co-pilot not a backseat driver. So I jumped into the front seat where I belonged. 

While we were waiting My Margret knew I was nervous so she was talking to me and calling me her sweet girl. I liked that.   

Dr. Coder said that after 2 weeks my ear infection while better still isn’t gone. So she said that she was going to flush out my ears and put in an antibiotic that would last for two weeks. That didn’t sound like fun to me and I didn’t want to go with her but My Margret but she told me I had to.  I also have to have steroid pills but I think I heard something about hot dogs…

By the time we left I had had enough so I pretty much pouted all the way home and didn’t even take the treat My Margret gave to me. 

After we got home I thought it over and decided that both My Margret and Dr. Coder were just trying to help me feel better.

So all is good and I even invited My Margret to give me a tummy rub. Which she did!

~ this is Belle ” I’m almost but not quite better ” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Bessie and Her Stuffie

Every day when I come home from work the pups meet me at the door. Then Bessie pup runs into the living room, grabs a stuffie, jumps up on the couch and plops herself over the back of it to say hi to me again.

Tonight I went to take her picture and quick as a flash she spit out her stuffie and posed. 

Then she decided to snuggle with her stuffie.

Then she picked it back up and hung on to it all in the space of a couple of minutes. This is a classic Bessie and stuffie pose.

~ this is Bessie’s My Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

Hey! What About Me?

So like it seems that things are different around here lately. My sister Belle is getting some extra attention and treats. I mean come on I can smell them on her breath. So what’s up with that I’d like to know.

So like I started watching a bit closer and every time she comes in the house she gets her paws wiped off, now I sure don’t know why I mean they aren’t muddy. But then I noticed she gets a treat afterwards. Ok to be honest The Bouncy One and I get a treat then too but if Belle gets to have her paws wiped off it must be something special so I want mine wiped off too.  I told My Greg that so now they wipe mine off too! 

And I heard something about a bath today…yay I love baths, I hope I get one too!

~ this is Bonnie”the what about me”Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.