Monthly Archives: April 2017

I Just Want To Nap

There I was taking a nap.

Two of my pup sisters were napping with me. However one of my pup sisters wasn’t napping. Can you guess which one?

The bouncy one decided I needed to be up from my nap so I could play with her.

I was really sleepy so she ramped up her efforts by barking in my ear. My Margret wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of me doing a back flip off of my comfy bed.

~ this is Linus “the I wish my bouncy sister pup would let me sleep” Kitty for the Pups and Kitties

Easter Sunday Company

We had so much fun today.    

After church some of My Greg and My Margret people came here for Easter dinner. 

They all wanted me and my sisters to come in and visit so My Margret said we could after dinner. I think everyone ate really fast so we could come in quicker.

We just kinda made the rounds… lots of times. We spent time with Mrs. Nancy, Miss Bailey, Miss Abby, and Mrs. Barb. Then while my sisters were spending time with some of the other folks

I took a nap with Mr. Jim. 

I had a really good talk with Mr. Mike.  

 And Aunt Marge gave me lots of cuddle pats. She does that really well!

We took a really long nap after everyone went home.Oh and Linus wanted everyone to know he was his usual goofy I mean helpful self.  He played with everyone and kept the seats warm.

~ this is Bonnie “we got to visit with folks today” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Princess Bonnie

So like My Margret says I remind her of the story about The Princess and the Pea.

I don’t know what she’s talking about, I just know I’m very comfy.

~ this is Bonnie “star of the pups and kitties version of The Princess and the Pea” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Guess What!!!!!

What a night! 

My Margret said I was a hippo whatever that is because I must have wallowed in the mud puddles in our pup pen to be as muddy as I was tonight. 

How muddy was I, you ask, well muddy enough that I just got a bath at 9:00pm on a work night! How cool is that!!!

I was so muddy My Margret had to change the water twice!  She then put up that gate thingy so I couldn’t be with my sisters in the living room. I didn’t like that so guess what?!?!?!

I gave a mighty barked and…

JUMPED OVER THE GATE!!!! That has never happened before! WooWhoo!

~ this is HippoBess “jumping over the gate thingy to be with my sisters” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

P.S. My sisters helped me dry off!!

I Did It My Way

I did a good thing tonight! My sisters were out in our pup pen and I wanted them to come in. Since I don’t like to ring the gotta go chime I did what I know and…

I barked and barked and barked and well you get the idea.

My Margret FINALLY got the message and came out to the kitchen, opened the pup porch door and let them back in.

Usually my sisters are the ones who let My Margret know when I need to go out or come back in so I figured it was my turn.

~ this is Bess “doing it my way” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.