Monthly Archives: March 2017

A Little People Visit

Some of My Margret and My Greg’s little people came to visit over the weekend. 

Katie the littlest little person was so excited to see me that she would scream and laugh. Then she would say hi in meow language while we were playing hide and seek.

The oldest little person Ethan would gently pet me. I liked it so much that when he stopped I asked him to pet me some more.

My dog sisters were happy to see them too.

The middle little person Aaron helped them practice sit, lots of times.

After awhile we all went in the other room and watched a movie. Bessie tried to sit in Aaron’s lap. She liked that he kept petting her even while watching the movie.

Bonnie curled up with My Greg and fell sound asleep

And Belle was all snuggly and cozy under the blanket Ethan put on her.

~This is Linus “the we like little people visits” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.


So like we’ve not been getting our usual amount of snacks. Seems like we were out of them at least that’s what My Margret told us.

Then just a little while ago My Greg called to us.

He had SNACKS! But…

it took him so long that I just had to tell him to hurry!

~ this is Bonnie the ” it’s hard to wait when there’s treats” for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Happy Thursday

I asked My Margret if I could wish you all a Happy Thursday. She said yes!

Then my sister Belle wanted to say it too.

And My Margret said she could.


Linus Kitty wanted to know what this Happy Thursday stuff was all about.

so Belle told him while I watched.

~Happy Thursday from Bess, Belle and Linus “the it’s almost Friday so we’re going to celebrate Thursday” for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Cuddles and Snacks

So like some of My Margret and My Greg’s big and little people came to visit. I was really excited because I got to spend time with Aaron before everyone woke up. I really really wanted to lick his face but My Margret told him to say leave it, he did and I did. *sigh*

I was really happy to be with Aaron.

Then it got even better!

The littlest little person Katie, are you ready for this, shared her little person snack with me.  She told me to sit and I did….every time!  

I was really really gentle with her and I really liked her snack.

I sure hope they come back soon.

~ this is Bonnie “the I wonder how I can get more of that snack” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Lessons From Linus Kitty 

Linus Kitty has been my buddy ever since he came to live with us when he was a tiny kitten. When he first moved in I took him under my paw and taught him how to be a Golden Retriever. 

So when he offered to teach me how to be a holder downer of things I said sure.

First he showed me how he does it.

Then it was my turn.

Well how did I do?

this is Belle “the apprentice holder downer of stuff” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Keeping The Upper Hand

My Margret almost caught me in a good pose looking at the flowers but I have a reputation to uphold so we couldn’t be having that. 

Instead I let her catch me talking to the bird, he didn’t have much to say. Then I let her catch a glimpse of my snarky um er I mean serious side.

Then I said I was done with the photo shoot and that was that.

~ this is Linus “the you have to keep the upper hand at all times” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.