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Bath Time!

We had a bath today.                                     My Margret said it was way overdue.

The only one of us that likes baths is my sister Bonnie. She likes them so much that she tried to butt in line twice.

My Margret used my favorite treat to encourage me to get into the tub. It worked this time but I don’t know about the next time.

My sister Bess wasn’t even sure if her favorite treat was worth getting into the tub but finally she did.

After we were finished with our baths My Margret sat with us, brushed us and told us we were her pretty girls.  Bonnie liked being brushed so much she practically sat on her lap.

My Margret is trying to get us used to the blow dryer. She told us we would get dryer faster but it’s loud so we don’t like it. 

All we want to know is, can we come down yet?
~This is Belle “the I don’t like baths” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Tip Toe Thru The Puddles

So like something’s wrong with My Margret. It rained today and we played out in that rain so when My Margret came home from work we were, you know, wet and muddy. 

After she gave us our supper and let us back out we heard her singing a song. She says it’s to Tiny Tim’s song Tip Toe Thru The Tulips, whoever he is and why does he want to tip toe thru the tulips anyway?

Well whatever, it goes like this.

Tip toe thru the puddles, thru the puddles, thru the puddles, puppies.        Tip toe thru the puddles my girls.

She just keeps sing it over and over and over…but she knows we can’t stay out of puddles, silly My Margret

Here come the mud getter offer towels!

This is Bonnie “one of the three wet muddies” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties

Disgruntled and Pouty

It’s not fair! 

This morning Linus found a mouse, but he was just watching it. So I rushed in, scooped it up and ran into the living room, where I let it go so I could scoop it up again. It’s a really fun game!

But My Margret didn’t understand how the game is played and she said my sisters and I should go out to our pup pen. I didn’t like that.

Linus told me later that the mouse went back to the dining room where it climbed up My Greg’s guitar and stood on tip toe to try and climb up to the shelf. That’s when My Margret saw it looking at her and using the broom let out a loud scream and tried to hit the mouse.  She missed. “Sigh”  (luckily she missed the guitar too.)

When she left to go to work  Linus said he was in the dining room keeping an eye out for it.  And me?  Well, when she checked on us I got all excited thinking she was going to open the door so I could go back in and play. But she didn’t, so I laid my head back down on my paws and kept on pouting.

This is Bess “the please let me go back in so I can play with the mouse” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

What A Team!



We couldn’t agree on who was going to post this time so My Margret said we all could!

They’re at it again. Ladders, furniture moving, loud stuff, weird goings on, like My Margret sitting on the top of the refrigerator, means only one thing. My Greg and My Margret are in fixer up mode.  Their project right now?  Dry walling, wallpaper border removing and painting the entryway, kitchen, dining room and living room.  They are doing this all while working full time and keeping up with their other stuff too.  And they think we are silly. Never fear I am on the job and will keep an eye on them so things will go smoothly.~ Belle Pup.

CHAIR POTATO indeed! So like the other day My Margret gave me a cuddle pat and called me a chair potato, I mean come on just because I go from chair to chair, and sometimes the couch to find the most cozy spot to curl up is no reason to call me names.  But wait like maybe it’s not a name but a title. I like that!  Shhhh, don’t tell My Margret and My Greg but I like to stay in the house so I can help Linus do his job.  I’m guess it’s kinda like Linus’s assistant. Oh another title! ~ Bonnie Pup

I am the mighty hunter!  I was so excited, the other day, My Margret heard me and Bonnie barking and looked out to see me with a opossum that had gotten in our pup pen.  I made sure it wasn’t going to come in our pen again.  Then the next morning after going out to make sure our outside was as it should be My Margret called me and I ran to her stopping to pick something up on the ground on my way.  I don’t know why My Margret shut the door before I could go in.  But she looked at me and said “drop it” and I spit out the mouse I had scooped up.  Both of those times My Greg went out into the pup pen as I was going in the house.  I’m not sure why.  I couldn’t wait to go back out to find what I found so I could bring them to My Margret and My Greg but…  they weren’t there.  I’m not sure where they went, but I’ll keep looking. In the meantime I will keep watch on all the imaginary whatchamacallits that are in our yard.   ~ Bess Pup


There is no end to what I have to do each day.  I bet you didn’t know that all kinds of things float up to the ceiling if they weren’t held down. Well that’s my main job, I am a stuff holder downer.  I can handle it all, boxes, chairs, laundry, pillows, window seats, just to name a few, I can handle it all.  I am also the I’m out of food reminder. What would My Margret and My Greg do without me?   ~ Linus Kitty

This is Belle, Bonnie, Bess, and Linus the “together we’ve got it covered” Pups and Kittiesid

Joyful Bouncyness

When we went outside early yesterday morning we saw that it was SNOWING!!!!!

When my sisters and I came back in I was so excited that I wouldn’t let My Margret dry me off. My sisters on the other hand  don’t like being wet and they couldn’t wait to get dried off.

I went back out and played more in the snow and was so excited that when I came back in I raced into the kitchen, through the dining room into the living room where I grabbed two of my stuffies and jumped up on the couch and hung over the back of the couch and said hi to My Margret. She laughed and said that I was full of joyful bouncyness.

~ this is Bess “the full of joyful bouncyness because it snowed” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.