Monthly Archives: December 2016

You Would Think She’d Learn

So every New Year’s Eve My Margret gets these things that she tries to put on our heads. Well I’m telling you I’m not going to allow anything that looks like that to go on me or my sisters. So as soon as My Margret puts it on one of us its my duty to take it off just as fast as I can. I’ve got it down to 5 seconds I’m that good 

Happy New Year from Me and my sisters! (And the rest of our family)

~This is Belle “the no one is wearing silly things on their heads on my watch” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Christmas Prep Supervisor 

This year My Margret has been really busy so I decided that she needed some quality control help so I put my supervisor hat on and gave her a hand. 

Wrapping presents

Writing  Christmas cards.

Making beds for company.

Putting extra leaves in the table.

And putting up the Christmas tree.

She said she couldn’t have done it without me.
~ this is Linus “the Christmas Prep Supervisor” wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the rest of the Pups, Kitties, My Margret and My Greg.

Little People Fun

Boy did we have fun! Some of My Margret and My Greg’s big and little people were here this weekend for their family Christmas. For the first time ever we got to be with the little people without the child gate between us. 

It was a lot of fun and they knew how we liked to be petted, plus they kept giving us our toys and treats, lots of treats!

One of the big kids petted us too. You can see that we liked that too.

Linus kitty had fun with the little people too and followed them wherever they went and when he got tired of following them they followed him all weekend long!
After all of that excitement we were ready for long naps.

~ this is Belle “the playing with the little people was fun” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Taking Care Of My Family

Things have been a bit goofy around here. My Margret and My Greg have been busy getting ready for their Christmas which is in a couple of weeks with their big and little people plus they both have been sick with coughy sniffy stuff. I also heard My Margret say she has something called shingles. Now I don’t know why she has shingles from the roof but hey she’s one of the bosses so she can have whatever she wants.

In an effort to make them feel better my sisters made sure My Greg was nice and warm.

And The Bouncy One gave My Margret one of her  stuffies to help her feel better.

I’ve been keeping and eye on all of them including Linus who it seems has appointed himself the Christmas Decorating Supervisor. Some supervisor, he has already broken something and keeps skidding across the table on the tablecloth which of course knocks everything off of the table.

He’s having a good time but I know my Margret is pretty frustrated with him, so I make sure to sit by her and turn up the cute factor so she can look at me, give me a cuddle and feel better.

~ this is Belle “the helping my family get better” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.