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Little People Visit 

So some of My Margret and My Greg’s little people came to visit this weekend.  Because although we are doing better we sometimes still jump up on people when we are happy to see them we couldn’t be in the same room with the little people. But because it was very hot and because the little people wanted to see us My Margret fixed us up in the kitchen.

She brought in our beds and toys and put them right by where we eat. Why we could have had breakfast in bed if we wanted to!

At first we didn’t understand why the door was closed and we wanted to go in the other rooms really bad. Bess kept barking and Bonnie was whining a lot so my Margret opened the door.

We soon figured it out though.

My Greg petted us and showed the little people how to pet us. ​

​Then they played find it with us. We really liked that!​

​Later that day they played ball with us because My Margret said we had had enough treats although the little people and my sisters and I didn’t agree.

We had a lot of fun with the little people and hope they come back soon. Now about that breakfast in bed…

~ this is Belle “the there is no such thing as too many treats” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

“Follow the Leader” Belle Style


You know My Margret is usually pretty smart. I mean she usually knows what we are  up to before we do.  But I have to tell you sometimes she just doesn’t get it.

She was petting me the other evening and started looking me over to make sure everything was the way it was supposed to be when she looked in my ear. Now I hate it when anyone even My Margret looks in my ear.  She noticed that it was yucky looking and before I knew what was happening my sisters were out in the pup pen and she was walking towards me with a bottle in one hand, some white fluffy things, and two pieces of cheese.

Being pretty smart myself, after all I am the one that keeps everyone in line here, I started walking in whatever direction she wasn’t. But she kept following me, so then I laid down on the floor and wouldn’t you know it My Margret got down on the floor too.  So I decided I would distract her by asking her to rub my tummy, but she just kept telling me I was a good girl and to let her see my ear. Well that was the last thing I wanted to happen so I put my back paw on her arm to keep her away from me,  yeah that didn’t work either and the next thing I knew I had wet stuff in my ear and My Margret was gently rubbing the outside of my ear.  Then she said “Ok time for cheese!”  The cheese tasted really good and I thought we were done.

Nope, the next thing I know she has the white fluffy things in her hand and she’s back on the floor with me and still doesn’t want to rub my tummy even though I asked her to again, and my paw on her arm doesn’t stop her this time either.   *Sigh*   As she tells me what a pretty girl I am she starts wiping out my ear and it actually felt pretty good so I just let her do it.  As soon as she was done she said those magic words again, “Ok, time for cheese!”

I did hear her tell My Greg  that it’s looking a lot better tonight so maybe its not such a bad thing after all, I mean I do get cheese.

~ this is Belle “the follow the leader as long as there’s cheese” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties




So My Margret and My Greg went to see the movie The Secret Life of Pets. They really liked it and it made them wonder what we’re up to when they aren’t home. 

Well they’re just going to have to wonder cuz we’re not talking. 

Oh and My Margret made petMOJI’s of me and my dog sisters just because.
~This is Linus “the I’m now a cartoon and so are my dog sisters” kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Thoughts and Prayers

The purpose of our blog is to entertain and brighten your day by send a bit of Pup and Kitty therapy your way. We tend to not go political or comment on current events. However there have been several attacks both in the United States and Abroad over the past few weeks. All senseless and tragic, and tonight there was yet another one.
We ask you to please join us by sending your thoughts and prayers for the injured and their families and to the families of the victims of the attack in Nice France.
Thank you
The Pups and Kitties  Margret

The Climbing Thingy


My Margret went out with us to play on our climbing thingy.  She brought out treats and sat on the top of the floor. Bonnie jumped up with her and she liked the treats  so much that she put her whole head in the treat bag.  My Margret told her she needed to share.   I kinda jumped up on the floor,  my front parts did anyway.  I liked the treats too.   Belle really doesn’t like the climbing thingy at all so she said no thank you even to the treats!

Bonnie loves the climbing thingy and she jumped up and went down the slide a few times. Considering she got a treat every time she went up on the floor and then down the slide she got a lot of treats!

5 Then it was my turn.  I jumped up on the floor ok and loved the treats. But then I wasn’t sure how to get down so I jumped back down the same way I got up but then My Margret wouldn’t give me a treat. She just had me go back up and try again and again and again.


She told me that she knew I could do it. So I thought about it…


Gave a yell and jumped off the top, kinda over the slide. That was good enough for a treat.  and you know what it was fun!


My Margret is going to work with Belle and her favorite treat tomorrow to try and convince her that it’s a lot of fun. I think she has her work cut out for her but Belle loves to do what My Margret wants her to so maybe…In the meantime Belle decided to have some grass for a snack.

3 As we were going back in the house we saw Linus sitting on the stove watching for us out the door.  He already knows how to jump up and slide down all kinds of stuff. Maybe he wanted to give us lessons?

~ This is Bess, “The climbing thingy is more fun than I thought” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.



It’s My Turn, No It’s Mine!


It’s my turn! No it’s mine! No way it’s mine!   Girls, girls, there’s time enough for all of you to tell your story.  Belle, you can go first.


My sisters are sooo crazy that sometimes it’s hard to keep them in line, you know. But that’s my job and I do the best that I can.  My Greg and My Margret have been brushing us a lot lately, I don’t really like to be brushed and I keep telling them that I much prefer having my tummy rubbed.  So we’ve kind of compromised, they brush me first then I get a tummy rub.  I gave my tennis ball to My Margret tonight and she threw it for me.  I ran to get it then I tossed it to Bess, she almost caught it, maybe next time.


Ok Belle it’s my turn.  So like I think my Margret and my Greg are catching on.  You see when I want to distract them I ring the gotta go chime and they go to the door to let me out, well, that’s when I table surf just a bit to see if there is anything good. And like you know what? Yesterday I found a piece of pizza! It was very good although my Greg wasn’t too happy with me. I don’t know why I thought we were supposed to share.   Oh and I love, love, love being brushed, in fact I push my sisters out of the way so I can be brushed again.


Bonnie, come on, it’s my turn, hurry up!!!!   I’m so excited, we have RABBITS!!!!!   I love to bark at them and I run from the living room window then outside to our pup pen and back again to bark more at them.  Oh, and this morning I found a baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest last night during a storm, I was real careful every time I picked it up .  My Margret wouldn’t let me bring it in the house, she didn’t understand that I wanted her to take care of it like she takes care of us. My Margret did tell me that there wasn’t anything she could do because it was already gone long before I found it.  We’re sad about that.  She was proud of me for being so gentle though.   Oh, and I don’t really like being brushed either but as long as I have my stuffy it’s ok…I guess.

~this is Belle, Bonnie, and Bess “the we all had something to say” Pups for the Kitties.