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They’re Back!


My Margret and My Greg are back!  They went on something called a vacation with some of their big and little people. But they are back and some of their people came with them.


I’m ok with that because now there are lots of people to pet me and give me the attention that I deserve. (Even though I have to share them with my dog sisters)

IMG_3927 Bess likes being petted but she especially likes finding the things she isn’t suppose to have.   Bess’s alligator jaws are working really good this morning as she plays “give” with my Margret.


Belle likes having an endless supply of people to pet her and rub her tummy.

4  Bonnie has big news, She doesn’t have to wear her cone of royalty anymore. She’s really happy that she doesn’t have to wear it anymore even though that makes her a commoner just like us.

In addition to helping our people practice their petting and tummy rubbing skills  we’ve been take our job of floor cleaner especially around the littlest person’s highchair very seriously.  Anything to help our Margret.

3 ~This is Linus (the I’m glad things are back to normal, well kind of) kitty for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.







Forbidden Basement Tornado Party

Tonight instead of a thunder party we had a forbidden basement tornado party. The pups and Linus were troopers as we spent a good portion of the evening in the basement. 

When the tornado was getting closer we put their leashes on and I sat with them in their little fenced area we used when they were puppies. They were nervous but they just kind of hung out. Even laying down after awhile.   We were blessed as the tornado came very close and we have some clean up to do but the important things are ok.

 They are all so worn out I almost hate to wake them up to go to bed.

  ~ this is Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

Enough Is Enough!


I’m so mad at my Margret I won’t even look at her even though she asked me to.

But I’m also mad at my sister Belle who won’t stop licking my owie, I mean I know she is trying to help but it’s not.

My Margret read a joke today that said to put a cone on the dog doing the licking so she went out and bought another one today for Belle. IMG_3606

Well my sister is one determined pup and that did not stop her from licking my owie at all!


Then she tried putting a silly bandana around my owie so Belle couldn’t reach it.  I had a fit, I mean come on if I liked bandanas I would have worn them the right way a long time ago. *Humph!!!*

After that she tried putting a bandaid on my owie and I didn’t like that any better and made sure my Margret knew it!

Finally she and my Greg decided to just keep telling Belle to “leave it” when she starts to lick my owie because that’s what has worked the best.



*Sigh*   I think after all I’ve been through tonight I deserve at least 3 slices of cheese.

~this is Bonnie “the enough is enough” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties


Rocking The Cone Of Royalty

IMG_3595One of these pups has an owie, one of these pups has been licking the owie making it worse, and one of these pups got into something my Margret thinks it’s mulberries because she has purple splotches all over her fur.   Can you guess which is which?

I cut myself by my chin last week and it healed just fine, then my sisters in an effort to make it feel better started licking it.  First my Margret wiped this on it.IMG_3592 Bess didn’t like the taste but Belle did.

Then my Margret tried this

IMG_3593 Bess didn’t like it,  Belle didn’t like it…at first but when told leave it will leave it.

Then my Margret saw me scratch my owie and this is what happened next


I like the cheese that I get when my Margret puts the medicine on my owie and I get to stay in the house on the comfy couch during the day.  So I’m thinking there are some perks to rocking this cone of royalty.

~This is Bonnie, “rocking the cone of royalty” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

He’s Our Greg!

So my Greg took my sisters and I out to our pup pen and there was something new out there.


Belle and Bess weren’t too sure what to do but I knew and I jumped right up and thanked my Greg before sliding down the slide.


Belle wasn’t sure she liked it but I told her she would if she tried it. Bess just watched to see what she would do.  Belle didn’t like sliding down the slide, she decided to ramp it and she jump to the end of the slide.  She also thanked our Greg before jumping the slide.



The real surprise came when our bouncy, “the bouncier the better” sister Bess wanted nothing to do with the slide. I’m sure she’s going to like it, it’s just going to take awhile.

My Greg has big people that he’s a dad to and little people who know him as grandpa but  to us he’s our Greg and we’re glad he is.

~this is Bonnie “he’s our Greg” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties


June Pupdate!


Hi all!

I’ve been elected to give you a pupdate.

Hmmm where to start, well I’m not licking my paw any longer. My Margret tried a couple of things that kinda worked but not for long then she tried something else and it took the itch completely away, I’m not sure who is happier me or her.

We got to meet some new friends over the past couple of weeks.  They are a lot of fun and don’t mind if we jump on them. Of course my Margret wasn’t happy at all about all the jumping stuff and said  that they saw us at our worst.  Which if you think about it isn’t a bad thing because it can only get better from there right? I personally don’t think we were that bad, I mean they came back to see us. We tried to tell our Margret that we were just excited to make new friends but she just gave us the Margret look. *sigh*

Anyway my sisters and I talked about it IMG_3478

We told our Margret that they can come back and play anytime! Bonnie agreed she just let us do the talking for her.IMG_3482

My Greg installed a ceiling fan  in the upstairs hallway where we like to sleep. It’s been really hot so it feels good.  He takes real good care of us!IMG_3499IMG_3500

Oh I almost forgot our Margret and Greg went to visit some of their big and little people and their pup Patch. 9

I sure hope we get to meet him sometime, he looks like he would be fun to play with.

I don’t have an pupdate on Linus, he just wanted to make sure he was included. Silly pup, I mean kitty.

IMG_3487Well that’s all the news, time to go back and do what we do best!  My job was to lay behind Greg’s chair and keep him safe while he was working on the computer. Bonnie’s job was to keep her paw on me to steady  me should I have to more suddenly and Bess’s job was to make sure her stuffy didn’t get away. As you can see we take our jobs very seriously.

IMG_3518 ~This is Belle “the it’s a tough job but someone has to do it” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties





It’s Time To Get Up!


My silly Margret, doesn’t she know that when the wake up noise happens it’s time to get up!   This morning she sat up, looked around, laid back down and pulled the “it’s still night time Bess” blanket over her head.  Good thing my sister Belle taught me how to head roll my Margret out of bed.

~this is Bess “the my Margret getter upper” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.