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We had company tonight!  Mrs. Melodie came to visit with us and it was a lot of fun!

My Margret had us practice polite greeting, we got lots of treats for that.  Mrs. Melodie kept telling me to  wait till it was my turn, I don’t think she knows how hard that is, but I tried.

We did such a good job that my Margret took  the gate thingy down and we got to get real close to Mrs. Melodie,  she smelled real good, she even let us lick her toes!

My sisters and I took turns sitting next to her to be petted. Do you know she can pet two of us at a time. She kept telling us that she would make sure to pet all of us and she did, she  petted Linus too even though he was being a pest!

We kept bringing her our tennis balls to show her. At one point she asked me to sit but I just stared at her, I wanted to fool her so she would give me a treat for sitting.  It worked!  but then she said “You did know what I wanted you to do!” so I don’t think it will work again, I’ll just have to figure out another way to trick Mrs. Melodie into giving me a treat.

I like it when we have company, I sure hope she comes back soon!

~This is Bess “the I like company because they give me treats”pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.



Keeping Everyone In Line


My Margret said it was my turn at the blog tonight because I haven’t had  a turn for awhile.


I’m the one who keeps everyone else in line and sometimes that can be quite a job but lately things have been pretty quiet, so quiet in fact I could almost doze off…..                                                                                                                                                              Well it’s been quiet unless  you count Bouncy Bess not believing the mouse is gone. She getting better because  today she has only given the water  a couple of sniffs.  I’m glad she’s almost over that because Bonnie and I had to keep reminding my Margret that we were being good so we wouldn’t get into trouble too.

My Greg shared his cashews with us the other night.  We all stood really close to remind him that we needed some too.  I got the most (well not really because he made sure it was even) but I should have because between my laying my head down on the chair and giving a pleading look I beg way better than my sisters.    Shhh don’t tell anyone but I practice when no one is looking.  It works really well, you all should try it.


We’re all really tired tonight, even Linus, because while my Margret and my Greg were at work it stormed really bad and we were kind of scared so now that everyone is home we’re ready to take a long nap, well at least until snack time.

~this is Belle “the keeping everyone in line” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.


The Kitty Pup


I getting really good at my new job as mouse catcher.  Yesterday morning I found another one under our waterer. My Margret remembering what happened the day before didn’t want to deal with all of that before her first cup of coffee and told me that I needed to go outside in the pup pen for awhile.

When my Greg woke up he checked under the waterer and sure enough I was right, there was a mouse under there.  Linus just stood there and watched while my Greg took care of it.

All of this was going on while I was out in the pup pen so I didn’t know what had happened until Linus told me later.   As soon as I came in I ran right to the waterer to see if the mouse was still there.  I knocked the waterer around a bit just to make sure.

13241127_1050403508360399_1640576073608021427_nEven though Linus and my Margret told me it wasn’t I could still smell it so I was pretty sure they were wrong.  All evening I kept watch, Linus watched with me for awhile.



Finally today my Margret moved the waterer and put down a bowl of water,

dog water

She doesn’t understand why I’m not watching it anymore or trying to knock that over but anyone can see that there isn’t a mouse hiding under the bowl.  That silly Margret, what are we going to do with her?

~ this is Bess “the kitty” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

A Mouse Catchin Chime Ringin Kinda a Day

IMG_3118You would have been so proud of me! This morning  I rang the gotta go chime to let my Margret know I had to go outside. Ringing that chime is a real big deal around here.                               I usually don’t have to do it because my big sister Bonnie rings it for me but she wasn’t up yet so I did it. You should have seen how excited and happy my Margret was with me.

So that’s why I don’t understand why when I caught the mouse that was hiding under our waterer a few minutes later she wasn’t happy.  I mean I know I dumped the 2 gallon jug of water all over the floor when I was catching it, but how was I supposed to get to the mouse with that jug in my way?

I wish I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble for checking to see if the mouse ran back under the waterer after my Greg took it from me. I couldn’t help it that the waterer got knocked over again,  it was still in my way.  My sisters weren’t any help because they were too busy telling her that they were being good. Like I wasn’t being good…I mean who caught the mouse anyway. *sigh*

~this is Bess “the Chime Ringing, Mouse Catching” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties


Me and the Bouncy One

I’ll deny it if you tell her but I kinda like playing with the Bouncy One my Margret calls Bess.

We play hide and seek
She likes to play tag with me and my favorite part is keeping just out of reach. Ha! It works every time!

The other day we discovered this new toy in the living room under the big box that talks. If you press the round thingy, bright  sparkles run and dance and you can try and catch them. All of a sudden they were gone and we looked all around the big box trying to find where they went. I don’t know why my Margret and my Greg just stood there laughing, humph the least they could have done was help us find them!

Who knows maybe the bright sparkles will come back tomorrow, in the meantime…here Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy wanna play tag?

Chillin on a Sunday Night

Tonight we’re all just hanging out chillin and cuddling.

My sister Bonnie loves snoozing with my MargretBelle wanted a turn too and she got one.Linus found his own cuddle spot.But now that it’s finally my turn I’m not budging! 

~This is Bess for the rest of the Sunday night chillin Pups and Kitties.

My Margret Just Doesn’t Understand


My Margret just doesn’t understand!

She say’s these aren’t toys!IMG_3005She says these are our toys, but she doesn’t understand those are my stuffies and that’s something else all together.


My sisters and I love to play with socks. We get three way tugs going, they stretch really good you know! We throw them up in the air and see who can catch them first. We also love to body slam each other out of the way so we can grab them first.

We also love to play with dish towels. We can play tug with those too but it’s more fun to play keep away with them. I am the princess of keep away!  And dish cloths,  especially the ones that are still wet from doing dishes, oh my, they taste so good, you ought to try them someday.

But no, my Margret has to ruin all of our fun by saying “leave it” or “give” and she just doesn’t  understand how hard that is to do.  I mean we listen… kind of…after awhile… well sometimes…

~This is Bess “the I wish my Margret would understand” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.