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Last night Belle’s hot spot looked really good so we took the cone off to see how she would do. Um yeah this morning the hot spot was red again so back on went the cone much to Belle dismay.

Tonight I noticed that she kept trying to scratch her ear…yep right on the first guess she also has an ear infection. Luckily or maybe not we have medicine from her last ear infection. After putting it in her ear it seems to not be bothering her nearly as much as it was. Or maybe she is just in a cheese “as a reward for two kinds of medicine “induced daze.

~ this is Belle’s Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

Call It What You Will…

IMG_2837Good news my Margret says that my hot spot is getting a lot better!  So I’m really hoping I can take this silly cone off pretty soon. My Greg calls it my clown collar, Mrs. Beth calls it a party hat, we all know my Margret calls it my cone of royalty, whatever it is I’ll just be glad when it can come off!

Twice now when I’ve come in from outside all of the snaps have been undone. I’m not telling which one of my sisters is helping me but I’ll give you a clue, she’s photo bombing my picture!

~This is Belle “the I’ll be glad when the cone is off” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Cone Of Royalty …Again

So Bonnie wanted me to say I was wearing what my Margret calls the cone of royalty in honor of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd’s 90th birthday. 

Although we like the royal family and would like to get to know their corgis better, the truth is I have a hot spot on my back leg. 

This morning  my Margret put antibiotic powder on it and my Greg put on the cone. The picture clearly shows how I feel about it. Although I do get to have after the medicine cheese so I guess it’s not all bad.

~ this is Belle “the I don’t like wearing the cone but the cheese isn’t bad” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.


I love my big sister Bonnie, she rings the “gotta go” chime for me, she LOVES to roughhouse with me and play tug a war. She’s just an all around good big sister.




She does this one thing that I just don’t understand. When it’s time to go to bed and we all run up the stairs she just stands there like she’s thinking about it or something.


My Margret will shut the stairway door and we wait on the steps for a few seconds, longest time ever for this bouncy girl but my Margret will give me a cuddle pat right under my ear by my chin and says “It’ll be alright, Bess I promise.” IMG_2811After thinking about it for a little bit more  she’s ready to come up with us. And she gives my Margret a look that says “Okay, I’m ready are you coming?”


We race each other up the stairs to see who can jump up on the bed first and I almost always win!  After one last cuddle we’re ready to snuggle down and go to sleep.



~This is Bess “the I’m not going to bed until Bonnie does” pup for the rest of the Pup and Kitties.

So it was like icky  and muddy out and my Margret and Greg needed to go run an errand. Usually like almost always we go out in our pup pen when they are gone but tonight my Greg said “Let’s let the pups stay in.” My Margret said ” In the HOUSE?” My Greg said ” Let’s just give it a try.” They did, and we did…..awesome if I say so myself!!”

~ this is Bonnie for the rest of the “it was yucky and we got to stay in” Pups and Kitties.



On Saturday my Margret started rearranging the furniture in the living room. I decided that she needed a supervisor so I came up from the basement to give her my expert advice in moving the couch, trunk and cedar chest.


While we were working on this my Margret became side tracked (which happens quite often I’m sad to say) and started looking at the pictures she keeps in the cedar chest. That’s when she found a picture of me taken 15 years ago when I was a kitten, right before I convinced them to let me move into the house where I rightfully belong. Scan

My sisters and I came in from being outside Saturday afternoon and ran into the living room like we always do to make sure things are the same as they were when we went out and they WEREN’T! The big couch that I lay on to look out the window was GONE!   The little couch where my Margret and I sit together was where my Greg’s big chair is and his big chair is clear across the room!  My Margret and my Greg spent a lot of time yesterday helping us get used to the changes but I don’t like it, I mean I don’t even know where to sit now. The only thing I like is that when I dropped my tennis ball under the little couch it keeps on rolling and doesn’t get lost. img_2594

All I care about is if there is still room for me on my Margret’s lap. IMG_2674.JPG

So like I think it’s fine, we have lots more room to roughhouse plus we have some snazzy new beds. We do need to figure out how to sit with my Margret in her recliner, when Bess and I try to jump up in the chair the foot thingy goes down and we slide off…but we’re smart we’ll figure it out.


I’m soooo excited, we have a window!!!! IMG_2713.JPGDo you know I can see and hear the same stuff from the living room that I can see when I run outside to our pup pen, the very same stuff! This morning though I got all mixed up, usually if I see something from inside that I want to see better I bark and my Margret or my Greg will let me outside then I ramp the steps and out I go to save the day.  But this morning I was out and barked to be let in because I knew I could see it better from the living room window but when I came bouncing in I ran a few steps toward the living room then ran back to the pup door then back to the living room and back yet again to the pup pen. While I was trying to make up my mind my Margret petted me and said “Bess you just don’t quite know what to think do you, pretty girl.” ( I like when she calls me that!) that helped me to calm down a bit so I could make up my mind…outside it is!

~this is Lucy, Belle, Linus, Bonnie and Bess “the living room looks different and we don’t like it, but kind of do, think it’s awesome” Pups and Kitties

Practice Makes Perfect 


Now that I’ve found my tennis ball I’ve been working on my squeaking  technique…a lot.img_2707-1

I’m getting quite good if I say so myself. Although my sister Bonnie might not agree.
    But I always say if you’re going to be any good you have to practice.

   ~ this is Belle “the practice makes perfect” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.