Monthly Archives: March 2016

New Stuffies

Tonight our Margret and Greg brought us home new stuffies.  

Before we get them my Margret de-squeakers them because if she doesn’t we will! She says she’s done too many mouth sweeps to let us do it anymore.

But it’s hard to be patient. No matter how hard we try we can’t hurry her up.


  Bess and Bonnie like to play tug.

 I just like to chew on them to see if I can find a forgotten squeaker! I haven’t yet but maybe someday!

   This is Belle ” the forgotten squeaker looker” for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

I just want to play

Tonight my Margret heard me whining and came to see what was wrong. She found me doing this.

Then she opened up the bathroom door and saw this. 

 While she was trying to stop laughing so she could tell my Greg what going on, I took matters into my own paws and got my big sister Bonnie to open the door for me.  

She and Linus just looked at each other. When  Bonnie went back out to the living room I dug deep and found enough courage to open the door a bit more all by myself. 

 I asked him really nice but Linus didn’t want to come out and play he just wanted to stay put and purr.     *Sigh* 

~ this is Bess “the I just want to play with Linus” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Stay Out Of The Wayers

  My Margret told us a little while ago that company’s coming tonight, and tomorrow and on Sunday. And she’s getting ready for them.  

 So my sisters and I are helping the best way we know how. 

Linus on the other hand says he’s helping.

   But we know he’s being “the in the way kitty” cuz he just can’t help it.
~ this is Bess for the rest of the “company’s coming” Pups and Kitties.

Early Sunday Morning Cuddle Time

I’m not as pushy or pouty/stubborn as my sisters are. I bet you can guess which one is which. But there are time when a pup just has to put her paw down and this morning I did. 

I really wanted some my Margret time.  

 She noticed and she told my sisters that it was my turn and then she made it happen. Even though Bonnie wanted me to move so she could sit by my Margret. 

 And Bess brought me one of her stuffies to trade with me so she could sit there. And then when that didn’t work she tried to snuggle in with us.

 But my Margret gently told both of them it wasn’t their turn it was mine.

  I’m glad she did that.I love cuddling with my Margret but I think she loves it even more!
~this is Belle for rest of the “love to cuddle” pups and kitties.

Bed Stealer


It was soooo much fun!  My Margret got up last night and when she came back to bed Belle and I were all snuggled down in her place.  She was sooo glad to see us that she said , “it’s still bedtime pups, we need to go to sleep… So you need to move…now.”

Silly my Margret, I don’t know what she was talking about we were sleeping.

~this is Bess “the I know a comfy spot when I see one” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.


Bath Time!




Well that wasn’t too bad, you can open the door now!



Silly my Margret, you can take the gate down we’re ready !



What do you mean we can’t come downstairs until we’re dry?  PLEASE!!!

~ This is Bonnie, “the I can’t believe she’s not letting us down yet” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

*Note from their Margret.  I gave them some new chew toys to help keep them busy during  the drying wait time. Obviously that didn’t work.

True to their personalities, Bess did the army crawl and hugged the floor so I couldn’t get her into the tub. After some moves that would have won us the grand prize in America’s Funniest Videos I managed to lift her into the tub. She was fine after that.

Bonnie was next and she jumped right in and had a great time, nuff said.

Belle wanting to be the good girl struggled with Belle I don’t want to take a bath pup.  I ended up lifting her front half into the tub and then she jumped in the rest of the way. She too did fine once she was in the tub.

None of them like the hair dryer which is why there is a longer drying time. Now if I could only get them to understand that!