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We had fun practicing sit and find it today with Aaron. He’s one of our Greg and Margret’s little people. We still are a jump up on people bunch, although it’s mainly Miss Bouncy Bess  so my Margret had us separated by the pup gate. It was still fun. 

Best of all he made sure that “Bellie”, that’s my new nickname, got a fair share of the treats. I knew I liked that little person! 

~This is Bellie signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties.

What Does Persistant Mean?

Bess 1yr

My Margret is sooo silly!   This morning when I was trying to wake her up she kept talking about weekend night time whatever that is and that we get to sleep longer.  Now why would we want to do that?  I tried for a long time to wake her up but she just petted me and wouldn’t get up.

So I did what any pup would do, I got my big sister Belle to tell my Margret it was time to get up.  Belle walked all over her then tried to headbutted her, which is so cool, I’ve got to learn how to do that.  But that didn’t work either. *sigh*

So then I decided to play the game where I lick my Margret’s chin But now when she pulls the covers up over her face I just go under the covers to keep licking her chin.  I love that game so much that sometimes, well most of the time, I get excited and sneeze all over her face.  For some reason that usually wakes her up.

Oh and I think I have a new middle name! This morning right before my Margret got up she said “Bess, your middle name is persistent”

~this is Bess Persistent signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Not liking the Diet


So like  there is something going on that I really don’t like.  Um like my food bowl gets empty faster than it did a few weeks ago.  So I ask you what’s up with that?  I heard my Greg and Margret talking and they have decided that since Belle has um how do I say this a small weight problem that they are going to feed us the same amount that she gets so we don’t get a weight problem now that we’ve had our lady surgery.  I  don’t like that plan.

Bess is liking it even less. My Margret is starting to stand between my bowl and the Bouncy Pup because the she is starting to help herself to my supper when she finishes hers.  Um yeah no, that’s not happening!  Their dance was very entertaining tonight, I can’t wait to see what they do tomorrow night.FullSizeRender
Bess told me that she is going to give our Margret sad eyes to make her feel bad so she’ll feed us more. So far that hasn’t been working. Although Bess does sad eyes really well, I asked her if she’ll teach me how to do that. My first lesson is tomorrow.

The only good thing about our new meal plan is that our friend Lexi’s Mom told my Margret about adding carrots to our kibble. They taste really good.   Silly Belle likes to take her carrots out of her food dish to save for dessert.

IMG_1771  She told me to try it that but I think I’ll give the sad eyes a try first!

~This is Bonnie “the not happy about less supper” pup signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties

One Lovely Blog Award

One lovely blog award



I’d like to thank  my new friends at Tales of Tucker for the One Lovely Blog Award. If you haven’t visited their site please take the time to do so. They are awesome!

1. I have always had dogs in my life and usually multiples.  How I  interacted with the dogs from my childhood differed  from the interaction with the dogs when Greg and I  were raising our family and also differ from how we interact with our pups now.  The only thing that does not differ is the fact that they were all special, well loved and our past pups helped to mold me into the person that Bonnie, Belle and Bess know today.

2.  Over the years we have had rescue dogs, purebred dogs from reputable breeders, and puppies from neighborhood litters.  All had their own special challenges and joys.

3. We had three dogs who had puppies, one litter from a Baya, a dalmation that we rescued and yes we knew she was going to have puppies when we brought her home.   Then Scruffy our Westie and Nacheon our Sheltie each presented us with pups,  All the pups were mixed breeds and I was careful to find good homes for them.  My two favorite stories from that time I will never forget the look on a boy’s face, he must have been about 10 when they came to our house when I brought out his puppy and laid it in his arms.  He couldn’t believe it, he kept saying she’s mine?   Then when we kept one of Baya’s  dalmation lab pups  and my son couldn’t decide on her name.  I remember after several days of indecision he looked down at the cover of TV Guide saw a picture of the show Murphy Brown and said her name is Murphy.  Murphy it was!

4.  I grew up on a farm and there were always farm cats around.  We didn’t have our first inside cat until after I was married.   Being a dog person it took awhile for me to fully appreciated the independent nature of kitties. But thanks to the patient teachings of Pete Cat, Lucy Kitty and Linus Kitty I am now a certified Dog/Cat person!

5. Bess is the keeper of our the yard,  she runs out to the pup pen, searches the area, gives a “all is good”, or “hello bark” to which the neighboring dogs will respond.  We live on a farm so you can hear faint barking from quite a distance.

6. The day before we went to Indiana to pick up Bonnie and Belle I received a phone call from the breeder who told me that Bonnie at 9 weeks had pushed open the door and led Belle into a freshly painted room.  So although she was able to get most of the paint off Bonnie might have a few paint specks, she did,  and that should have alerted us to the independent tomboy that our Bonnie is.

7. Belle is our nurse. When we don’t feel good she is the main pup who will come cuddle and quietly stay close.  We appreciate that and it’s proven to be  good medicine.

Ok that’s more than enough about us.

Now I get to give this award to:

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The Taker Care of Everyone Pup


Today was a good day. It was so nice and warm out that we actually wanted to stay outside, and that hasn’t happened for a long time!


Bess was checking the fields, that’s her job to make sure everything is ok.


Sometimes she stands up to get a better look across the fields to the timber.


We were supervising Bess from our spots under the tree.

Later in the day, Bess was outside and wanted back in so Bonnie rang the gotta go chime or in this case the “Let Bess in” chime but our Margret ignored it so I had to take care of it.  I went in and laid my nose on my Margret’s arm and she got the message that Bonnie and I were serious and she stopped what she was doing and went to go get Bess.

My days are all like that,  I’m always busy supervising and taking care of my sisters, Linus, Lucy when she lets me and of course my Margret and my Greg.  I’m telling you it’s enough to wear this pup out.


~ This is *yawn* Belle “the taker care of everyone” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Guess What?!!!

So tonight I heard this noise, it sounded like a room full of puppies. I just can’t figure out how they got into the picture box.

Oh guess what?!!!

My big sister Bonnie is showing off her new coneless self. 

What does cautiously opti opti optimistic mean?

~ this is Bess “the finder of puppies in the picture box” signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties.

The Other Puppy

So my Margret and I are still having slumber parties downstairs. Although we are now sleeping in the downstairs bedroom instead of on the living room sofa. I’ll be glad when my tummy owie is all better so me and my Margret can go back upstairs to sleep with my Greg and Belle and Bess.

The other night my Greg had to work really late so my Margret let Belle and Bess join our slumber party downstairs.  She couldn’t understand why none of us would go to the far side of the room to jump on our side of the bed.

I heard her tell our Greg tonight that she finally realized that none of us wanted to walk past the other puppy in the room.   She’s right, he won’t play with us at all. in fact he  acts like we aren’t there so me and my sisters have decided that we are just going to pretend that he isn’t there …except he is and we don’t want to walk past him, even to cuddle with our Margret.


~ This is Bonnie “the not wanting to get too close to the other puppy” signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties