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Bess and Her “Lady” Surgery

Bess went in this past Monday to have her “lady” surgery.  Surgery went well and she did just fine.  When I called the next afternoon to see what time I could pick her up  they said she was doing a lot of vomiting, more than usual.  The vet tech said that while she could technically come home since the medicine for nausea seemed to be helping, it would really be better for her to stay so she could be monitored for one more night.  So that’s what we did.   I called the next morning and was told that she had eaten both supper and breakfast and that it had stayed down so we could bring our kinda of bouncy pup home.


Heading Home

Greg, who was at work, met us at home to take Bess in the house.  Our girl weighs 65 lbs and although she is learning to listen while on leash it still can be a challenge to get her attention when she is faced with an exciting world outside and wants to go in another direction than the one she needs to go in.  For her safety she needed someone with a bit, ok a lot more muscle than I have.

Once she was settled we let Bonnie and Belle in to welcome her home.


Belle was a little disgruntled until she realized that under all the hospital smells was her little pesky sister.  Of course after the sniff fest was over all three pups decided that some rough housing was in order.  Since that’s #1 on Bess’s “do not do” list I put Bonnie and Belle out in the pup pen for awhile.  Bess in the meantime followed me around when I was up doing things she was antsy when I was sitting and quiet she would lay down and watch me.




Knowing that she needed sleep I took a cup of coffee and a book and curled up quietly in the living room.  She first took a nap across the room then came over and curled up next to me, her toys never too far away from her.


Greg came home  a little while later and our evening of guessing what Bess needed, and reassuring Bonnie and Belle began.

After she at her supper Bess’s tummy was upset again although she only threw up once much later the evening.   She was anxious, and antsy with Greg and I taking turns taking her out to potty.  Bess finally crashed into a much needed sleep on the kitchen floor.  After she woke up it was time for another trip outside then I put her in her crate with some toys for the night.   I slept on the couch to be close by in case she needed anything but she slept through the night.


Why can’t I go out and dig up that scrumptious thing I smell? Why?

We’ve already been out this morning and She and I have had a discussion on why she still has to stay very quiet today.  She clearly doesn’t agree with me.

Bess is to stay very quiet for the next two days. Then for four more days she can have some more activity but is to continue to be crated when we aren’t with her and no rough housing at all.   The second week of her two week stint of recovery  she can have more activity and can go back to normal activity once her stitches are out.

If she continues to leave her incision alone she won’t have to wear the “cone of royalty” we have just in case.   I don’t like the name cone of shame and since it’s also known as an Elizabethan collar  in our home it’s been renamed the cone of royalty.  Thank you to my sister in law Barb and niece Abby for the research behind that name change.  🙂

We appreciate the thoughts, encouragement and prayers for Bess especially earlier in the week when she wasn’t able to come home as planned.    We would appreciated your prayers and thoughts as our bouncy girl continues to recover.

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Christmas Day and Polite Greeting


“We did it!”  After years, simply years, (well at least it felt like it) of practicing polite greeting we were able to come in and join the party!

There were so many people someone was always petting us, which was just fine with us!


Bess, getting all kinds of attention Abby and Barb


The pups sitting pretty for Aunt Marge. “We just know she’s going to give us a treat!”


Belle hanging out with Jim


Bonnie having some one on one time with Aunt Marge.



Having fun with Nancy, Jim, Mike and Abby

The surprise of the day came when we heard a quiet meow and my Margret went out to the kitchen to find Mike talking to “I love living in the basement where it’s quiet” Lucy kitty.  Then a short time later Lucy was back in the kitchen talking to Jim.  To hear my Margret and my Greg talk about it that was awesome and huge even bigger than all of us joining the party and let me tell you that was pretty big in itself!


Mike, the Lucy whisperer


Jim also the Lucy whisperer.

We still have some practicing to do. We, especially Bess, what are you going to do she’s still pretty young, were a bit bouncy when we first met people but it didn’t last long.       Then there was that time that I really needed to have some quiet time, my Margret noticed and opened the door so I could go out in our pup pen.  People get pretty noisy sometimes, I didn’t know that before.                                       All in all though we had a really fun day.  That night my Margret said to my Greg, ” I bet they’ll  sleep good tonight!”  I wonder what gave her that idea?


Bess and Linus





Oh well *yawn* I’ll figure it out later. Until next time, this is Belle signing off for the Pups and Kitties.

The Gotta Go Chime


Several years ago our daughter shared that she trained their dog Sadie to ring a bell when she needed to go outside. So when Bonnie and Belle joined our family I decided that we would see if that would work for them.  It did and the “gotta go” chime was born.  The pups have discovered many uses for the chime.

Belle will routinely ring it right when we sit down to supper.  She always gently touches her nose to the chime then patiently waits facing the door for us to open it for her.

Bess refuses to ring it, she instead will either have a sister ring it for her or will come and stand by me with an intense look on her face until I ask her to “show me”.  9 times out of 10 she will lead me to the pup porch door. The 10th time she wants a belly rub!

Bonnie is the champion bell ringer. She rings it when she wants to distract us so she can peruse the table or counter.  She rings it when Belle and Bess are waiting by the door to be let back in. She rings it whenever there is something interesting to explore outside. She will also ring it when she wants a treat.  We can tell this is what she wants because she rings the bell then turns  to look at the treats then she’ll look at us.                                     Finally she will ring the gotta go chime when she needs to go outside.    Bonnie’s method is to ring the bell then turn and look to see if we are coming.  If we are moving too slowly she will put her head into the middle of the chime and give a full headshake instead of the usual nose touch. Let me tell you sometimes those chimes go flying of their hook.

Greg and I totally understand that we are bell trained but that’s ok. It works for us and gives us another glimpse into our pups personalities.

Oh yeah, Linus kitty the wanna be Golden Retriever also rings the bell in his endless quest to go outside.  Sorry Buddy, good try but it won’t work!