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Ear Wash and Gotta Go Chimes

We are re-teaching Bessie to ring the “gotta go” chime when she has to go outside. I’m not catching the serious intense looks she gives me when she has to go.  Re-teaching this includes a treat being held behind the chime so she rings the chime. The door opens and she gets the treat and goes outside.   Belle of course noticed this, walks up to the “gotta go” chime, looks at it, looks at the treats that sit on the dryer by the pup porch door, turns to look at me with another eye sweep towards the treats in an obvious “Where’s my treat?” look. “Belle pup, you already know how to ring the chime.”   Said pup gave me a disgusted look and walked out through the open door to the pup pen.

Part of our new routine is to swab out the pups ears once a week to ward off ear infections.  Belle of course is the ear infection queen so it’s important to do this for her. But Bess and Bonnie need it too, we just have to convince them of this.   So one at a time, with the other two out in their pen, armed with treats, Q-tips, and ear wash I set out to swab their ears.

They each had their own way of saying “no, thank you I don’t want you putting that swabby thing in my ear, but wait does it taste good, I want to taste it. why can’t I taste it?  No? well I will take the treat thank you very much!  Belle of course was the champ (even though it’s not her favorite thing to do) since she knew the treat was coming. It will get better… 🙂

Belle and Hot Dog Withdrawls

We are three days past Belle’s last dosage of her various medicines for her hot spot and double ear infection.  Greg’s schedule at work got crazy  requiring him to work some very long hours. So after the first few days of us tag teaming to give Belle her meds I took over the task solo.   Belle was a rock star, by then she knew the drill and would gobble up the pill infused hot dog, then would trot into the living room and with a “come on Girl’ while patting the couch cushion would jump up,  lay down and let me swab out her ear canals and put in the drops then after some cuddles and love led the way to the kitchen for her Beggin Strip.

Now did she love having her ears messed with? Nope. Did she even remotely like having her ears messed with? Not so much.   I was gentle but quick and she would do her best to convince me that her left ear didn’t need to be looked at, at all.  Of course it did because that was the worse out of the two.

Now as I said we are 3 days out and both morning and night Belle still comes up to me and gives me the “you forgot something” look that she does so well.   I tell her that her pills are “All gone, You’re better!!!” (all said in perky happy voice that annoys me so I can only imagine what it does to her.)  All she knows is that she still wants her twice a day hot dog!  Hang in there Belle Pup, Sunday and the newly introduced to our routine weekly ear wash swab is coming for you and your sisters so you can tell them all about how awesome those Beggin Strips are!

Belle, Bess and Bonnie

Belle, Bess and Bonnie

Such is life with our pups!

Belle Pup

On Saturday I noticed that Belle was licking her leg a lot when I looked at it I saw what I thought was maybe the beginning  of a hot spot. She has never had them but I have seen enough pictures of them that I wanted to have our vet take a look.  We were lucky enough to get an appointment for her that afternoon.

It was indeed the beginnings of a hot spot and while we were there I asked if the vet could take a look at Belle’s ears.  In less than a couple of seconds she looked at her ears and said that she had a double ear infection.   Always wanting to know the how’s and why’s Greg and I started asking our vet questions and she was kind enough to take the time to fully answer our questions and give levels of options.

Belle is prone to ear infections although she has only had a couple of them before and none this severe, her floppy ears and allergies make her a prime candidate.   We discussed several things that could be the cause, talked about expensive testing, and have decided for now to start eliminating things from her environment.  We are taking the straw out of their “nest” in the pup pen, Belle especially likes to snuggle down in it. And I found a sensitive no fragrance dryer sheet that I have started to use on bedding, towels, ect.  most of the fabrics that touch us touch Belle as well.

Our pup who hates to have her ears touched and is pretty savvy about spitting out pills hidden in food is doing a great job.  Hot dog pieces have become pill pockets for her antibiotic and steroid. Hot dogs haven’t always worked in the past so I am thrilled  that for now she seems to have a taste for them.  She is handling the ear wash and drops like a champ.  Greg gently holds and talks to her while I wash and swab her ear canal.

I will be glad for her sake when she is finished with the medicine as she is experiencing some minor side effects from the steroids.     After 3 days of treatment with several more days to follow, the hot spot is almost gone and her ears look a lot better.    We will continue the ear wash once a week after the ear infection is gone and will see how things go eliminating things from her environment in an effort to help control her allergies.    In the meantime we’re just glad she’s on the mend.

Belle Pup

Belle Pup