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Bess and the Fly Swatter

So I discovered the yesterday that our Bessie is afraid of the fly swatter.  She’s never seen one before and certainly hasn’t been teased or chased by one.  She was in the kitchen with me when I swatted a fly, she jumped and ran into the other room then turned back with a cocked head to look at me plainly asking what was that thing!   I showed her that it wasn’t anything to be afraid of but she didn’t believe me.

Tonight I had to swat another pesky fly and this time Bess ran down to the basement landing.  I laid the fly swatter down so she could sniff it. She wanted nothing to do with it and didn’t want to walk past it to come back up to the kitchen.  A couple of minutes later Belle pup walked down to the landing, looked at Bess turned and walked back up the stairs past the fly swatter,  through the kitchen, and in to the dining room. The next thing I knew up came Bess from the landing.

Sometimes it takes a big sister to make things a little less scary.  Thanks Belle!

Belle’s First Car Show

We enjoy going to classic car shows. We decided to go to one tonight and in an effort to help Belle become comfortable in new situations we took her with us.

Some of her new experiences included walking across railroad tracks, walking into a crowd of people of all ages. She heard an ambulance siren and loud music. She had a Great Dane come up and try to say hi and was petted and greeted by Bob a good friend of ours.

Overall she did well but about  20 minutes into the event she was starting to get anxious so Greg decided that we had stayed long enough for Belle’s first time.  We finished the night off with ice cream from Johnny K’s which Belle totally loved.

Belle the co-pilot

Belle the co-pilot

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A tired out Belle

A tired out Belle

Bonnie and Belle are 3 years old!

Our goofy girls turned 3 years old yesterday.  I can remember when they were in the mischievous puppy stage people telling us that they would settle down when they turned three and it seems so far away.  Well it wasn’t that far away, our older pups are three and while they have settled down they are still sweet, slightly less mischievous, quirky, very loving pups.

Happy 3rd bday Bonnie and Belle

Happy 3rd bday Bonnie and Belle

Yesterday when I tried to get a picture of just the two pups Bouncy Bess (almost 10 months) bounded into the shot and struck a pose.  Belle was less than thrilled 🙂

Bess crashing the bday pic :-)

Bess crashing the bday pic 🙂

Ah the joy of little sisters!  Happy Birthday Pups!

While Wearing My Grandma Hat…

While I was wearing my Grandma hat the past few weeks helping our daughter and her family when their new baby girl was born, the pups stayed busy.  They had fun during their stay at Paws Here, the pet resort they vacation at while we are away.  This was their longest stay so far and they did fine.   We called and checked on them often and discovered that the thunder parties we’ve been throwing worked and they could have cared less when there was a thunderstorm. Yea! Thunder Parties I recommend them!!  Now if we could just get Bess used to blow dryers…

Greg was only able to stay for part of the time due to work so on his way home he stopped to picked up the pups. They were happy to see Greg  and when he called to let me know they were all back home he put me on speaker phone so I could greet them and Bess licked the phone when she heard my voice.  Miss Lucy kitty waited until the next day to welcome Greg back home, preferring to stay hidden in the secret place that she goes when she doesn’t want to be found. Linus on the other hand spent the first evening home on Greg’s lap not caring that the pups were also taking turns being on Greg’s lap. Thank goodness for oversized recliners.   Later that week Greg put me on speaker phone again so I could talk to Lucy and when she heard my voice she head bopped the phone like she head bops me every morning.

When I returned home yesterday afternoon after being gone for 2-1/2 weeks the pups and kitties were glad to see me.  Bonnie after greeting me hid under the dining room table, when I knelt down on the floor and called to her, she came to me and buried her head in my shoulder staying that way while I gently talked to her and petted her.  Later that night she did that again before curling up beside me on the couch.

Belle was just as glad to have her world back to normal and has been asking for and receiving lots of love and cuddles.

Bess grew A LOT while I was away. She is a bit bigger than her sisters now and tonight when she brought me her toy then later while watching her walk away from me she reminded of a cross between Snuffleupagus (from Sesame Street) and the dog slinky toy.

Belle, Bess and Bonnie

Belle, Bess and Bonnie

While at our daughter’s we were  able to spend time with our granddog Patch.  Patch is 2 years old and does a good job taking care of his family.  When I went to leave he gently licked my arm goodbye when I gave him a goodbye love and cuddle.

Our Granddog Patch

Our Granddog Patch

As I write this the house is quiet, Greg has gone to bed and I am in our dining room surrounded by 3 pups and a couple of kitties all sleeping soundly.