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Tiaras Plus Treats Equal…Epic Failure!

Tiaras plus treats equal…. epic failure. Belle clearly hates hers then she took Bonnie’s off and tried to eat it. Bess kept hers on just long enough to snap the picture. So even though we can’t get the cute pics with props from our crew to yours we wish you a happy and blessed 2015. Thanks for reading our posts we hope they make you smile. Oh and for those of you who can take the cute pictures with props. More power to you, you are my heros!

Treats and Tiaras

Treats and Tiaras

Belle clearly hates it.

"Bonnie, let me help you get that thing off!"

“Bonnie, let me help you get that thing off!”

"Anything for a treat, but hurry up I don't like this!"

“Anything for a treat, but hurry up I don’t like this!”

“Good it’s off!”





Bess and Belle

Bess and Belle





Sleep over in Bess's crate

Sleep over in Bess’s crate

I love watching our pups sleep. They manage to look cuddly and silly all at the same time.

Bess is growing like a weed, she almost doesn’t fit on her self proclaimed puppy shelf on our coffee table any more.

I have had to intervene in the play between Bess and Linus, Bess plays a bit too rough for Linus’s tastes at times but then other times Linus still instigates the play so they are still fast buddies.  Belle will occasionally remind the pair that she was Linus’s buddy first.

Bess is still teaching us about her likes and dislikes, she loves, loves, loves sticks and always has to find one to carry around when she is outside. Her favorite inside toy is the stuffingless fox, I’m not sure what the draw is but it’s the favorite of all three of our girls.

Bonnie continues to morph back into puppy mode, (if indeed she ever left it) to be the first in line to rough house and play tug of war with Bess. But Belle is relaxing her “I’m the mom” stance and is playing a lot more with Bess too so progress is being made.

Bonnie and Belle went to the vet yesterday for their x-rays to check for hip dysplasia. We will get the results from the OFA in a few weeks. Our vets and their staff are fantastic and I trust them fully but it was still difficult for me to leave Bonnie and Belle  as they had to be put under an anesthetic for the x-ray.  We were able to bring the pups home at the end of the day and this morning they are back to their old selves which this dog mom is happy about.

Bess had a round of tummy rumbles the past few days with several nights of limited sleep for both of us. I am happy to say that with the help of yogurt and bran flakes and medicine from the vet her tummy rumbles have subsided and we both had an uninterrupted sleep last night!

Looking forward to the coming year, not sure what it’s going to hold although we hope to continue with Bess’s puppy classes and keep working toward the Canine Good Citizen classification for Bonnie and Belle.

Happy New Year to you and your families from Greg, myself and our snuggly silly crew!

Bess at 11 weeks


My turn!

My turn!

curled up with big sister Bonnie

Curled up with big sister Bonnie


Boy is she growing fast! In the past few weeks Bess has been showing us what she is made of.
She and Linus kitty are becoming good buddies and love to wrestle with each other. They take turns instigating the action.

Lucy kitty is still watchful and making sure the pup is behaving. she still can’t believe we would shake up her world by bringing another dog into it.

Bonnie pup and Bess love to play tug of war with the stuffingless toys.

Belle pup and Bess race each other and I’m not sure who enjoys it the most.

For something so little Bess does a great job keeping up with her big sisters.

Bess and I are attending puppy classes, and she got the hang of sit pretty good, but we are still working on gentle and touch. She’ll get it in time. She seems to enjoy playing with the other puppies that are in the class.

She is already showing us how she is different from her big sisters. She has a longer reach so the garbage can has to go even farther back behind the child gate. She is definitely more vocal than Bonnie and Belle. I am getting a kick out of how she rings the “gotta go” chime. All three pups have a different way of ringing the chime. Bonnie gives the chime a hard nudge with her nose, if that doesn’t bring us she puts her head in the middle of the chime and gives a good shake. Belle gives a dainty nudge with her nose, if we don’t hear her she touches the chimes one at a time that makes for a beautiful sound. Bess jumps up on her back paws and uses her front paws to ring the bell. One paw first but then if we don’t respond or if she really has to go badly both paws at one time kind of like a forceful double high five!

All in all it’s going great, of course we are still transitioning and learning Bess’s ways, like what it means when she sits and stares at us. So far it has meant, I would like a tummy rub please, or I have to go out, or I want a toy that I can’t reach or …

One thing we do know is that our Bess Sprout pup is a wonderful, fun, loving addition to our family and she is loved dearly.