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But It’s Cold Outside!

If this morning was any indication the pups are just as tired of the extreme cold temperatures as the rest of us are.
Both pups were curled up on the couch when I came to tell them that it was time for them to go out to their puppy porch and yard.

Bonnie was careful not to move or react as she pretended that she didn’t see or hear me, although I did see her eyebrow wiggle.
Belle willingly jumped off the couch and trotted to…Bonnie’s crate and curled up in a ball all set to snuggle in for the day.

I went out to the kitchen and rang their “gotta go out” chime. They both came running to see what the excitement was all about. Bonnie’s enthusiasm for an adventure took her right out the open door into their porch. Belle stopped at my side, and gave me a dirty look that clearly said “I can not believe you did that!” then proceeded to follow her sister out the door.
Belle was the first one to greet me when I came home from work tonight so I think she forgave me. Thank you pup!

Pups Trip to Rural King

We took the pups to Rural King this afternoon. Of course the first challenge was getting Bonnie into the van. She absolutely did. not. want. to. go. ! We got her in the van where she proceeded to shake, shiver and huddle in as small a ball as she could get. I sat in the back with her and Belle and petted and talked softly to her, by the time we had been on the road for about 10 minutes she started to settle down. Belle had a good time on the drive over keeping track of all of the other cars making sure they didn’t get too close.

When we got to Rural King, a drive of about 25 minutes, the pups were ready to get out and explore. It was the perfect obstacle course. They had to walk on three different surfaces blacktop, carpet, and cement. There were many opportunities to obey the leave it command, spilled popcorn, plastic wrap, tape, and baby chicks, yep baby chicks just to name a few.

I took Bonnie and went one way and Greg took Belle and went another. Half way through our visit we switched pups. The reactions to the pups were varied, some folks asked if they could pet them which turned into a good lesson in polite greeting and not jumping. Other folks asked about them and shared about the pups in their life. Still others talked to the pups in broken english and gently petted them. There were a few who saw us and looked away as if to say if “I don’t look at them they won’t bother me.” Both Greg and I tried to be sensitive to the folks around us and honor their space as well as monitor the pups reactions and be supportive of them.

When it was time to go home both dogs jumped willingly into the van and settled down for a nap. It was great to see them settle down so quickly while in the store and to see Bonnie realize that maybe riding in the van isn’t as bad as she thought it was.

Canine Good Citizen Class Challenges

Today was our second CGC class. The challenges started when we walked out the door. Bonnie immediately decided that she was just fine staying home thank you very much. With the help of a treat and Greg encouraging her she made it into the van.

I sat in the back with the pups to help them especially Bonnie with the drive. They did better with the rumble strips this time although Bonnie needed a lot of reassurance pretty much the whole trip there. Belle was very interested in watching cars. She alternated looking out the side windows and well as the back window even giving a bark to the car behind us that she apparently thought was traveling too close to our van. I had purchased two squeaky monkey toys to keep the pups entertained on the 40 min drive to class. They could have cared less in fact the only one so far that has really liked them is Lucy kitty and that’s completely out of character for her but that’s a story for another day.

Lucy cuddling with the toy monkey.

Lucy cuddling with the toy monkey.

When we arrived at class the dogs magically changed personalities. Bonnie who is our act first think later pup after the first few minutes was calm and pretty focused and Belle our calm, laid back pup freaked out. Greg had to take her outside twice to help her calm down. Outside away from all the other dogs, enticing smells, and chaos she did great sit/stays as well as wonderful down/stays.

Greg brought her back in just as we were getting ready to walk an obstacle course made up of crate trays, carpet squares, 3 very yummy open boxes of treats, a statue of a small dog that every dog in the place thought was real, one person sitting half way through throwing a frisbee and keys on the floor and another person sitting with the dreaded bouncing ball. We all went through the course three times. The first time it was just get through it to expose the pups to it. The second time we had to sit by the people sitting in the chairs and the third time we had the choice of going through on leash or off leash both Greg and I chose on leash.

Bonnie did pretty well, our challenge was the carpet squares with all the wonderful scents on it and the fact that Bonnie has been trained to walk on my right side and now she needs to walk on the left side. Belle’s challenge was having to walk on the crate trays. She wouldn’t do it although by the third time she did put one paw on it in order to reach the treat. She handled the rest fairly well.

The instructor came up to talk to us when class was over and next time she wants us to change dogs half way through. She is concerned about Belle’s anxiety and said that if she were to take a therapy dog test today she would fail and we realize that. We are to take both pups but especially Belle out to a store at least once a week to get her more used to being around lots of people and activity.

The trip home went well, the pups were so tired out that even the rumble strips didn’t wake them up.

Bonnie Pup

Bonnie Pup

Belle Pup

Belle Pup

We would love to have the pups become therapy dogs but our main concern is helping them feel less anxious, Bonnie about riding in the van and Belle about well everything. At home she is so comfy and at ease with everything. I’m beginning to think that she is like the rest of us and has a difficult time coming out of her comfort zone.

So we have things to work on , a lot of things but right now, we’re going to take a nap!

Nap Time!

Nap Time!

Passing a Milestone, Pup Style

They did it! The other night Greg and I decided to see how the pups would do not being crated during the night. We carefully put up high, very high anything that might be a temptation to our 1-1/2 year old pups, which is pretty much everything. They did great! The only thing I found was one of the kitchen curtains had been knocked down and that was courtesy of Linus kitty.

We have now successfully made it through 3 nights and while the pups are not ready to be left in the house unsupervised, they are sure doing an awesome job sleeping all night without getting into mischief. Yea pups we are so proud of you! Oh and yes I know it could change at anytime because after all they are still our mischievous pups 🙂

What milestones have you met with your pets? Milestones that have brought you joy and excitement with a dose of “I can’t believe we made it” thrown in for good measure?

Communication Pup Style



I get a big kick out of how Bonnie and Belle communicate with each other. It’s pretty much silent unless they are rough housing then we hear some play grumbles, a few yips, and some short barks.

During playtime I’ve watched them flawlessly pass tennis balls to each other without making a sound. Or when they have snitched something they aren’t supposed to have one pup will pass it to the other one and look at me as if to say, “I don’t have it, she does”

Bonnie likes to have Belle go outside with her and she has been known to ring the “gotta go out” chime then refuse to go out if Belle isn’t beside her. Bonnie then goes to wherever Belle might be and simply looks at her and Belle will sigh, get up and go with her sister outside.

When Belle is ready to come back into the house she waits patiently by the door for us to let her in. Bonnie on the other hand will bop the door with her paw to say “I’m ready to come in now. Please, please let me in”.

If Bonnie comes into the house but Belle isn’t ready yet she has been known to ring the chime to let us know that Belle is ready to come in.

I’ve watched them communicate with each other and us by a gentle nudge, with a look, and sometimes I think with each other at least telepathically.

How do your pets communicate with each other?

Two Pups and a Kitty

Bonnie, Belle and Linus the snuggle bunch

Bonnie, Belle and Linus the snuggle bunch

Welcome to our page! Bonnie and Belle are sisters as well as littermates. They will be 2 years old in June 2014. We got the pups from a reputable kennel when they were 9 weeks old. They are precious loveable stinkers. The pups are pretty identical so Bonnie wears a red collar and Belle wears blue.

We have been through 3 rounds of obedience training and are currently in training to take the Canine Good Citizen test. We have been prayerfully considering training the pups as therapy dogs and time will tell if they are suited for that.

Bonnie is outgoing, mischievous and a bit anxious although she has a big heart. When given a command she tends to think about it for a bit before obeying. We are working on that. She loves to show off her squeaker skills and continually tries to teach Belle how to squeak the tennis ball.

Belle, is a little more laid back, definitely wants to be the “good girl” and for the most part is the first to respond to a command. She is trying to learn how to squeak the tennis ball but is doing very well in catching it and bringing it back to be thrown again. She has been known to take her sister down if Bonnie gets to it first.

Linus is a long hair kitty, he is 8 months old and thinks he is a golden retriever 🙂 Linus and Belle have a special bond although all three of them play and snuggle together. The other day I gave Bonnie the “leave it” command as she was rough housing with Linus, that’s when I realized that Linus was playing just as hard and was being the instigator in the playtime.

Thank you for joining us in our day to day adventures with our two pups and a kitty!